What If Disney Made ‘Game Of Thrones’? 10 Awesome Illustrations You’ll LOVE!

While we are all here, literally counting days for the final season of the Game Of Thrones (No honestly, I genuinely take out an hour everyday to think about it), some other cool people are actually making use of their time.The artists from Combo Estudio created these BEAUTIFUL AF Disney versioned illustrations of the ‘Game Of Thrones’ characters, and man, I swear you’ll go “Aww” looking at even CERSEI. Check ’em out and relive the tale! Just The Hound teaching Arya the good tastes. Gah damn, White Walker! Cersei with her poison. Doing her thing. Okay. 10/10. CUTOOOOOOS <3 YAS,…Continue Reading

21 Honest Quotes On The Beauty & Cruelty Of Love, We All Need

From time to time, we all need reminders of how messy love can be. It’s not always that easy, sweet feeling and it’s not always happy. But we’ve gotten so used to the notion of ‘perfect’ love, we miss out on its other shades and hues. From getting to know someone to holding their hand, from battling your first set of problems together to knowing love does not always intend to stay, Komal Kapoor’s words bring us back to what loving someone truly entails. After. I forbid myself the tears rob myself of relief You were never mine so I…Continue Reading

This FilterCopy Artist Creates The Cutest, Quirkiest Art On The Block!

For a long time, artists strived to create art that could resemble the things they could see in real life, in as much detail as possible. That, was considered true art. But then, what of our dreams? What of the unique, fantastical things we see and experience in a world that does not follow the norms of the real world? And if translating it into canvas isn’t the most exciting idea there is, I don’t know what is. FilterCopy’s in-house design talent, Shreya Sethi, is an artist who swears by this idea. Her art looks at real life and with…Continue Reading

15 Simply Hilarious Comics We Dare You To Scroll Past Without LOLing

Who doesn’t love a series of comics that not only make you laugh your ass off but also challenge your intelligence? I guess, humor goes perfectly well with a punch of sass. I love spending my time on a clever comic that turns my brain cogs and wants me to take a second to figure out what is going on. Tu and Ted, a comic account on Instagram, is a beautiful marriage of perspective and comedy and I dare you to scroll past these 15 images without laughing even once. Just walking the dog. WALKING THE DOG by @tuandted ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂…Continue Reading

After Losing His Wife, This Artist Draws His Heartache & It’ll Make You Cry

Life can be cruel. Especially when it takes the love of your life away and leaves you empty and lost. Former Disney illustrator Gary Andrews lost his wife very suddenly and it shattered him through and through. To relieve his grief and create a vent for his sorrow, Gary picked up his daily diary and doodled his pain. In his doodles, feature his two children, Lily and Ben and through them Gary depicts the road of recovery from this unsettling loss. He also draws the little moments of joy that help him get through the really dark days. The missing…Continue Reading

The Delicate, Joyous Moments Of Every Love Story In 21 Cute Illustrations

Have you ever been so in love that it made you feel like this was the stuff that movies were made of? That if you could just keep this moment, this feeling forever, it could last you a whole lifetime? No matter how things turn out tomorrow, you wish you could keep these moments with you forever. So do I. And psst, thanks to manga artist misuyaraguo, I’ve found a way for us to always keep the most glorious moments of love in the form of these stunning pieces of art. I”m sure you’ll find little sparks of your own…Continue Reading

This Artist Illustrates The Goddess In Every Woman, And It Is SO Empowering

It somehow falls in the fate of every woman to grow up being instructed by the world around her. Instructed, in little sinister ways, to be quieter, smaller, weaker than she is. But the modern woman is in no mood to listen. Artist Sam Madhu and her stunning pieces of work are the embodiment of that sentiment. In her art, the real, raw goddess, untouched by the conventions of society, is revealed. In her art, the modern woman is everything she wants to be – bold, potent and powerful. In her words, “I’d describe my art as the experiences of…Continue Reading

15 Hilariously Smart ‘Before-After’ Illustrations To Crack You Up Loud and Hard

I was having a rather nice Sunday afternoon. It was lazy, sleepy and everything a good Sunday should be. And then, my phone beeped with an Instagram page link from a friend. On clicking it, I was taken to an account called Naolito and their hilarious post feed caught my attention instantly! Scroll down and you’ll know why. Oh and also, try not to laugh too hard (especially at point number 1). Pure GENIUS. I had to do this I hope not to ruin avocados for anyone! Tenia que hacerlo espero no estropearle los aguacates a nadie! #avocados #avocado #breakfast…Continue Reading

Raw, Inspiring, Badass: This Indian Woman’s Art Captures Everything You Feel

So recently, I’ve been lucky enough to come across a LOT of amazing artists – courtesy the Uncover project. And most recently, I was introduced to the stunning art of Anjali Mehta. Now, what made Anjali’s work stand out for me was the fact that it’s basically, well, everything I’ve ever felt. Her illustrations are brave, bright, and honest. I suppose that’s because she takes so much inspiration from the world around her…and from the words around her. “Lately, I’ve been inspired by life and human emotions in general. How we as human beings interact with life at different stages,…Continue Reading

20 Illustrated Quotes That Show You The Beauty and Power Of Being Broken

I stumbled upon an Instagram account this weekend and let me tell you, it was within the first 30 seconds that I followed the artist. If there is one thing you should know about me it’s this: I don’t follow a whole lot of people on social media. What was it about ‘Broken Isn’t Bad’ that made me almost instantenously click that ‘Follow’ button? Firstly, the illustrations simply capture your eye. They are bold, provocative and have a grand ‘fuck-you’ vibe to them. Secondly, each illustration is then followed by a single quote that makes you pause and reflect. And…Continue Reading