24 Bollywood Pick-Up Lines That Will NEVER Work In Real Life

Whenever we watch Bollywood movies, we see how the hero always tries to get someone’s attention by using utterly-butterly cheesy lines. It might have worked with the best of actresses ON SCREEN but I could bet on anything it would just lead to gales of laughter if used on any of us today! Here are some creepy, senseless, funny pick-up lines that should be used COMPLETELY at your own risk – OMG! Ghajiniiiii!!! Get a job! I’m terrified! Okay? Okay. Where exactly though? Explain the difference someone! Don’t look at me again. *BLOCKED* Only SRK could pull this off. All…Continue Reading

21 Problems Every Curly Haired Girl Knows Too Well

Do images of shiny, golden-haired girls running through sunlit fields cross your mind when you think of girls with curly hair? Or of girls with chestnut curls strumming some tunes in a quaint cafe? REALITY CHECK- Those glorious, bouncing, wholesome curls you see in advertisements and movies do NOT give you any kind of glimpse in our real, heartache- filled life. Everyday is a different day with different problems. Having naturally curly hair is both a boon and a curse. Sure, we learn to love it and try hundreds of products in the hope of taming it one day, but…Continue Reading

15 Hilariously Smart ‘Before-After’ Illustrations To Crack You Up Loud and Hard

I was having a rather nice Sunday afternoon. It was lazy, sleepy and everything a good Sunday should be. And then, my phone beeped with an Instagram page link from a friend. On clicking it, I was taken to an account called Naolito and their hilarious post feed caught my attention instantly! Scroll down and you’ll know why. Oh and also, try not to laugh too hard (especially at point number 1). Pure GENIUS. I had to do this I hope not to ruin avocados for anyone! Tenia que hacerlo espero no estropearle los aguacates a nadie! #avocados #avocado #breakfast…Continue Reading

10 Everyday Struggles You’ll ONLY Get If You’re An Over-Enthusiast

‘Oh, such a happy-go-lucky girl, so bubbly, so sweet!’ Sounds like a lovely string of compliments, doesn’t it? I thought so, too. Can’t help but STILL think so, actually. However, every story has a dark side and this is ours. We face several social struggles on an everyday basis. Sure, being a certain way comes naturally to us, and there’s not much you can do if you’re one of us except maybe, empathize. If you have experienced some or all of these social inadequacies, I feel you bruh! As for you regular peeps out there who are inherently graceful, lady-like…Continue Reading

25 Comics About The Crazy, Hilarious Conversations We Have With Our Friends

Sometimes I have the weirdest conversations with my friends, and think about how if anyone heard us, they’d probably think we’re batshit crazy. They won’t be wrong. But ehh, it’s probably best if they don’t hear us. Artist Dre, however, doesn’t give a crap about all that. She and her bunch of equally insane friends say the weirdest stuff, and like a good artist, she draws them all out in these hilarious comics. Well…at least they’re honest. I may not be cool but I got gr8 friends #comic A post shared by Art and Comics by Dre (@randomninjakitty) on Sep…Continue Reading

18 Hilariously Bad Riddles That’ll First Make You Laugh And Then Cry

Who loves a good ol’ riddle? I know I do! I love putting those grey cells to test and see if I can guess those tricky answers my friends can’t (heehee). But then, I’m also that person who really can’t resist a good bad joke. So when a love for riddles meets an obsession for bad jokes, there’s gotta be something ridiculous to come out of it, right? You’re damn right! Here are 18 hilariously bad riddles you can first facepalm yourself with, and then troll your friends with. Watch them squirm and wonder why they’re friends with you at…Continue Reading

15 Weird Lessons You Learn After A Long, Crazy Night Of Drinking

“What even happened last night?”. Man, if I had a penny for every time I’ve woken up with that thought, I’d be rich enough to swim in my own pool of beer. After every long, insane night of drinking (where everything seems possible and everyone seems awesome), comes the aftermath. Welcome to the post-drinking session, where common sense finally shows up to tell you what an idiot you were last night. Here are just 15 of the lessons these nights teach us…the morning after. Believe in yourself, but for heaven’s sake, do not overestimate your drinking abilities. Every time? Buddy,…Continue Reading

20 Classic Appraisal-Time Memes That’ll Make You LOL, Then Weep

“It’s appraisal time, yay!”, said no one ever. Well, appraisals are right around the block, anyway. In an ideal world, it would be a wonderland of “constructive feedback”, deserved praise and all the fancy rewards we think we’ve earned. But um, this is the real world. And whether you’re a first-timer rookie or a seasoned veteran who’s been round the appraisal block a couple of times, you’ve got no idea what’s headed your way. This article won’t help your case. But it might just crack you up before you head there. See ya, buddy. Let’s start with this one, of…Continue Reading

22 Signs Your Secret Avatar In Life Is “Po The Panda”!

Ah! I have MISSED the Kung Fu Panda series! It’s been sooooooo long since we’ve seen cute pandas whooping some major ass onscreen. But to be honest, if you’ve always wondered if you’re a panda-in-disguise, you don’t really need any more proof than this article right here. Po, of course, to begin with, will be one of your favorite movie characters forever, but if you share can identify with these 22 signs, it might just surprise you to find our that your alter-ego is the coolest Kung Fu Panda in the universe! Read up and find out. 1. You LOOUVEE…Continue Reading

17 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A Messy Person (And You Love It!)

Well, this one’s for those who’re constantly badgered for not being ‘neat and tidy’ enough. Also for those who like to roll on a bed which already has a gazillion things strewn over it. And this is especially for those who relate to the above two statements and are absolutely content being messy AF. If you’re someone who finds peace in chaos, these 17 things will make you smile. 1. Your room perpetually looks like a tornado just invaded it. 2. Your mother is baffled that you’re an actual human being and not a pig in disguise. 3. She also,…Continue Reading