10 Thriller Authors Who’ll Keep You Up At Night For All The Right Reasons

I remember picking up my first Sidney Sheldon novel, ‘Tell Me Your Dreams’. It was around the 12th grade and I didn’t really have a thorough background with thrillers since I was up until then a detective fiction reader minus the gore. (Nancy Drew, The Famous Five and The Hardy Boys were my basic pals on this front.) The minute I began to read Sidney’s world, something inside me zapped with energy. I am pretty sure my eyes couldn’t get enough of the words written down there, because they felt like they were zooming in and out of their respective…Continue Reading

15 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re Someone Who Loves The Sea

I love the ocean. Or for that matter any water body. But the sea in particular is one of my favourites. I don’t know the exact time or year that I discovered this bit about me, but as a child, my father would take me to the beach every weekend. Then, back in 2012, I went for my first Goa trip and the sea called and tugged at my heart. There was no looking back. I could stand for hours on end and just watch the sky change color. I could immerse my toes into the water and experience a…Continue Reading