13 Beautiful Things That Happen When You Stop Caring About What People Think

Most of us spend our years longing to fit in. Cutting bits of ourselves till we finally look beautiful to everyone but ourselves. Then, we grow up. We realize that changing ourselves for the world will only turn us into someone we no longer like, or recognize. More importantly, you realize that you never needed to fit in – that you are not a piece in someone else’s puzzle. And when that happens – when you finally stop worrying about being ‘good enough’ for someone else, that’s when life begins. You take responsibility for your actions – you own up…Continue Reading

15 People In Long Distance Relationships Tell Us What Makes It Worth It

‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder”, I grew up hearing. But then, I also grew up hearing epic love-stories of relationships that survived thousands of miles and the hardships they endured. Though I’ve never been in one myself, I’ve always admired couples who stuck by each other through the toughest of times – who loved each other even after months of being unable to hold each other. And honestly? Their stories made me ‘awwwww’ till I ran out of breath. Cyrus, 28 “The knowledge that I’d rather be far away from her than close to someone else. We aren’t really…Continue Reading

21 Signs Your Best Friend Is Basically A Real Life Minion

Ever spotted similarities between your BFF and these tiny, yellow cartoon-folks? Do you often suspect that your best friend is from a rare species that not many people are aware of? Are you looking for confirmation that your BFF is more minion than human? These 21 signs might just prove your suspicions right! To begin with, they are the living definition of CUTENESS. You can totally imagine them going “Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-banana” all day. You totally want them to be a stuffed toy so that you can carry them around and take them home with you. They LOUUUVEEE snuggles, cuddles and kisses.…Continue Reading

15 Honest Signs You Need To Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

You question yourself at every turn. You’re tired, but you don’t think you deserve to rest. There’s a difference between being self-aware and self-critical. And you my love, are lost in the latter. You are worthy of your own love, of your own faith. And if you relate to any of this, then take a step back, and be kinder to yourself. You beat yourself up for saying “No”. Even when you had no other choice BUT to say “no”. You feel like you owe everyone, but yourself your own love and care. You’re the kind of person who burns,…Continue Reading

15 Little Ways To Make Your 20s A Decade To Remember

Being a 20-something is tough. It’s like you’re suddenly catapulted into adulthood, as you struggle to be the person you always wanted to be, while learning that maybe the person you always wanted to be isn’t who you’re supposed to be. But the truth is, your 20s can also be f**king amazing. It can be the decade you find yourself, the decade you make memories you’ll want to relive again and again, the decade that reminds you of the miracle you are. Learn to say “no” to things that exhaust you, even if saying “no” makes you uncomfortable. Everyone likes…Continue Reading

19 Illustrations That Show The Beauty And Struggles Of Living Alone

As much as I love staying with my folks, I’ve always wanted to live on my own. I’ve imagined this house somewhere in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by lush, green trees and with a stream flowing nearby. But living in the city is radically a different affair. You’ve got the bills to pay, the rent that’s always swinging above your head like a sword and also the gazillion little tasks of household life that you cannot get rid of. Korean artist, Aeppol however, has a very different idea of living alone. Her illustrations take you far away from…Continue Reading

15 Inspiring Quotes By People Who Fought Their Way Out Of Failure To Achieve Success

I remember my Dad telling me as a kid, “Success is failure turned inside out.” I always thought he was just saying that to make me feel better about not doing as well as I wanted to, but turns out – that’s actually kinda true. See, I grew up and read about real life inspirations. Not people who were born with silver spoons in their mouths or people who had a smooth ride of success. I looked at people who were left beaten up and desolate by the world, and nearly gave up. Nearly. Proof that no matter how far…Continue Reading

13 Reasons You Should Put Yourself Above EVERY Relationship

“Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.” – Maya Angelou In a world full of social media and relationship updates, it’s easy to start attaching yourself to the relationships you have or the relationships you think you should have. It’s easy to sacrifice your own happiness just to keep up the facade of happiness. It’s easy to let the worry of being called “selfish” turn you into someone who can be trampled over. What’s difficult is realising that the life you’re leading is yours – a life you should lead for yourself. It’s…Continue Reading

If Inanimate Objects Talked Like Humans – So Funny, You’ll DIE Laughing!

There are days when I simply do not want to adult. Most of the times, I have to fight really hard to resist the urge to shout “fuck this sh*t”, walk out and never return. But like most people, I cannot opt out of adulting. On the bright side thought, there are Teo Zirini’s absolutely smart illustrations that make those dreary days, bearable. I am not saying this just for the humour that Teo’s comics so effortlessly master, but also for the thought that goes behind creating them. His major inspiration comes from non-living things to which he grants the…Continue Reading

To Everyone Learning To Love Again: It’s Okay To Be Afraid

You know what finding home in a heart feels like.You’ve found a hand that fits perfectly into yours.You’ve been forced to let it go. You’ve been loved. Let that sink in. You’ve smiled coyly, laughed till your stomach hurt, felt yourself heal with a hug. You fell in love. It just happened to end with crash. It just happened to end with a broken heart, with wounds only you can see. It just happened to end with angry tears, and angrier words. With fights that consumed your fireworks and memories that map pain. It just happened to end with fear…Continue Reading