19 Quotes That Perfectly Capture The Beauty And Bravery Of Moving On

We like to hold on to the past. To the familiarity of it. To the things we know, the people we know. The future? That vast, uncharted territory? That’s terrifying. But then you’re sometimes forced to let go of someone who defined your past, as you forge ahead to your future. You’re forced to accept that a chapter of your past that you held so dear is now over. You’re forced to move on – and it’ll be the best, most difficult thing you’ll ever do for yourself. You can begin again. Not all people are meant to stay. Move…Continue Reading

To Everyone Seeking A Life Partner, This Is Important

The thought of having that one special person with whom you would like to spend your ‘forever’ must have crossed your mind, at least once. However, a loving and understanding partner who could walk with you till the very end, embracing all your adorable and not-so-adorable parts, cannot be found within a day . Though you can’t do much to alter the wait, there are a few things you need to be conscious about while seeking a life partner. “You don’t need another human being to make your life complete, but let’s be honest. Having your wounds kissed by someone…Continue Reading

15 People In Long Distance Relationships Tell Us What Makes It Worth It

‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder”, I grew up hearing. But then, I also grew up hearing epic love-stories of relationships that survived thousands of miles and the hardships they endured. Though I’ve never been in one myself, I’ve always admired couples who stuck by each other through the toughest of times – who loved each other even after months of being unable to hold each other. And honestly? Their stories made me ‘awwwww’ till I ran out of breath. Cyrus, 28 “The knowledge that I’d rather be far away from her than close to someone else. We aren’t really…Continue Reading

23 Incredibly Raw Poems For Those Who Have Loved And Lost

I’m constantly astounded by the ability of words to move me to tears, and how someone else’s experiences can make me feel a little less alone. Of course, it all depends on how honest the writing is. It’s no wonder then that Ruby Dhal’s Instagram turned out to be a treasure trove for me. See, Ruby writes of love. Not the pretty, #relationshipgoals bit of it, but the heartbreak. The moving on. The finding courage to fall again. And she doesn’t use fancy metaphors – just honest words, and real emotions. To the things we hold on to. What’s mine…Continue Reading

20 Cute Alicia Souza Illustrations That’ll Give You Major Happiness Goals

Pure happiness – that’s how I’d define Alicia Souza‘s illustrations that spread nothing but unrestricted joy. Alicia is a brilliant artist based out of Bengaluru who creates humorous illustrations on social media and is a successful entrepreneur. Her illustrations are mostly based on her daily life routine and always bring a smile to my face. Check them all out! Yes, they do EXIST! Shopping boys. ‍♀️ A post shared by Alicia Souza (@aliciasouza) on Apr 3, 2018 at 8:47am PDT Embrace it like Chocolate Truffle cake. Sorry I’m late to post… Just landed, picking up Charlie and I’ll see you…Continue Reading

15 Little Ways To Make Your 20s A Decade To Remember

Being a 20-something is tough. It’s like you’re suddenly catapulted into adulthood, as you struggle to be the person you always wanted to be, while learning that maybe the person you always wanted to be isn’t who you’re supposed to be. But the truth is, your 20s can also be f**king amazing. It can be the decade you find yourself, the decade you make memories you’ll want to relive again and again, the decade that reminds you of the miracle you are. Learn to say “no” to things that exhaust you, even if saying “no” makes you uncomfortable. Everyone likes…Continue Reading

33 Priceless Moments In Life Money Truly CANNOT Buy

I am a person who loves the little things in life. You know, the way your blanket feels perfectly cuddly when you slip into bed or when you accidentally create soap bubbles while taking a shower. I love the fancy things too, but they don’t sum up the experience of living for me. Rationally speaking, we all need the money. However, there are a million joys that even money cannot buy (nope, this isn’t a promo for MasterCard in case you’re wondering). Joys available to most us, if not all of us. These joys can fill you up without making…Continue Reading

17 Beautifully Simple Things You Can Fall In Love With (No, Not Another Person)

A life led without the love of your life is still full of love. Repeat this to yourself. Somewhere between being children and adults, most of us forget this. We forget the many magnitudes of love, the fact that love, while it might be a humane feeling, isn’t limited to only humans. Weekdays on which you have the time to make yourself a delicious kinda healthy breakfast. I don’t know about you, but these are rare days for me. Days when everything just seems to…fall into place. You wake up a little extra early, feeling amazingly fresh, and decide to…Continue Reading

To Everyone Giving Up On Love: 15 Simple Truths To Remember

It’s easy, especially in today’s world, to give up on love. You know, the “makes you weak in the knees” sort of love. The love most of us dreamed of finding. And honestly? I don’t blame you one bit for giving up. For no matter how romantic you are, modern dating can often leave you without hope. But here’s the thing: love happens at the most unlikely of times. All you have to do is never let the world beat belief out of you – because love is inevitable. Your heartbreak doesn’t define your relationship – or you. A heart…Continue Reading

My Anxiety And I Might Be Friends Someday, But Not Today

My anxiety and I are two unwilling roommates. We are like two frustrated souls in a loveless marriage. We share the same quarters, the humble abode of all my thoughts – my mind – but neither one of us knows how we got here. I’d like to believe I was here first. Because I vaguely but fondly remember a time when I used to roam these spaces in my mind alone – free, unchained, unbridled. I used to think only of cartoon characters, of where my next plateful of gajar ka halwa was going to come from, of my nanaji’s…Continue Reading