A Letter To Myself: For All The Times I’ve Made You Feel “Not Enough”

Hello heart, It’s been a while since we last spoke, and during all of this time, I’ve noticed how hard you’ve been trying to keep it together. It’s not easy, growing up and letting yourself be seen as you are. It’s not easy to put yourself out in the world and take care of your dreams. But you do it. You do it every single day. You do it beautifully. And amidst all of the chaos you handle with all your might, I have observed the way I speak to you. Most of my talks are about you not doing…Continue Reading

You Are The Creator Of Your Life, It’s Time To Own Up.

Intuitionnounthe ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. The point of social conditioning is to take us away from what we call our “inner voice”. The voice that begets zero reason. The voice that does away with the need to question, prod and doubt every single thing that is not dripping in logic. We’ve been taught to look down upon the language of feelings even when our very body is fine tuned to our emotions. Through the years, we’ve adopted the art…Continue Reading

“I Want You, Entire.”

I want you, entire. I am not here for your surface. I am not here for the polished bits of your self that you reserve for others. No, I am here for the parts of you that you hide away from probing eyes. I am here for the soul that you so carefully wrap and hold sacred. I am here because, I am with you, entire. I am here because I am not afraid to make you a part of my storms. I am here because I know, my darkness will be loved as much as my light. That you…Continue Reading

Being Strong Is To Know When It’s Time To Be Weak

There is heaviness in the center of my being. I feel a thousand years old. The tears won’t come to relieve this load. They stand dry within the corners of my eyes. I am tired. I am so, so tired. There remains nothing in me to say. My lips are sealed. I am absolutely still. I am absolutely silent. Is it okay to not know what’s happening within me? Is it okay if I don’t have the answer? Because this time, I don’t. I don’t want the fancy words. Or the ones that make everything feel better. I don’t want…Continue Reading

22 Strange Signs That You’ve Found Your Path In Life And Are Doing Just Fine

I am the last person to tell you that all my life I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Because I didn’t. I had no clue what my path was or where I wanted to head in life unlike everyone else around me. My schoolmates claimed they’d grind the corporate world until 30 and then live off the money. There were others who wanted to work for social causes, NGOs, and a lot who wanted babies. I, on the other hand, wanted something more. And this ‘more’ is what kept me unsettled for over 24 years. I shuffled jobs,…Continue Reading

If You’ve Always Fallen For The Wrong People And Wondered Why, Here’s What You Need To Do

Take a step back. Not from the world, not from life, nor from love. But take a step back from your past. You need to see it with fresh eyes. You need to see it for what it has been trying to tell you all this while. You may not like what you hear. In fact you might spend days trying to shun its voice but I am going to tell you this: stop hiding. You need to tear off those cushioned words in your ears and listen to what needs to be heard. Every single time you’ve loved, you’ve…Continue Reading

20 Kinds Of Friends We All Make When We’re In College

We have our core group and then we have the “others”. The latter consist of people we don’t really vibe with much, but nonetheless interact with regularly. However, college provides us ample of opportunities to gather friends and have a ball and most of the times, it’s all worth it in the end. From that one person who shares a secret look with you when the teacher cracks something unintentionally sexual or the one who travels with you home, we all have these 20 types of friends who make our higher education years a storehouse of memories. The one who…Continue Reading

15 Ways To Care For Yourself When The Times Are Tough

I think it’s easier to stay positive and upbeat when things are sailing smoothly but when shit starts hitting the roof, our first instinct is fear. Fear because we’re always afraid of losing our grip on reality and on ourselves. And so the first thing that we do is shut ourselves up when times get sucky. It could be anything at all. Whether you’re going through a breakup or if you’ve lost someone in your family to death or even if you’re just surfing a career low where nothing seems to be working out. Basically, no matter how hard you…Continue Reading

My Dear, The Only Way Out, Is Through The Storm

Lean in. Lean into what hurts. Stay there. Let your breath guide you. Let the Heart of you heart reveal itself. The storm is here. It’s been here for a while. Chaos has plugged itself into your being and you are wondering where you erred this time. But you haven’t. Not this time. No, you haven’t. What is happening now is happening because Change heard the callings of your soul. It has awaited its readiness. It has awaited its awakening. And now, you are surfing new tides, tides where you no know nothing of and so you feel lost. Again.…Continue Reading

Here’s How You Can Be There For Someone Without Taking On Their Pain

I stumbled upon a beautiful piece of writing by an author named Malia Bradshaw under the title ‘How To Be There For Others Without Taking on Their Pain.’ After having read through to the very last sentence, I felt my heart feeling full and understood. I thanked Malia in my head and had a “I wish I had written this” moment. And hence, as an artist, I decided to do a tiny tribute to Malia’s already perfect piece since I earnestly believe that more people who should read these words by her. These are chunks shared from her original piece…Continue Reading