10 Things EVERY Cat Lover Knows To Be True

Our pets are certainly the best part of our lives. If you have a pet, you will understand why I say that. They are blessed with the sixth sense to know when their owner needs a hug, when they need to simply sit down on our laps and make us feel loved again. It is especially nice to come home to them after a long, tiring day at work. Given the kind of lives we have started living it is lovely to have pets in our lives who make us feel happy and loved. That being said, there is a…Continue Reading

8 Fascinating ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theories You’ll Want To Know Before The Finale

It’s been a THRILLING season of Game Of Thrones, full of twists, mildly incestuous romances, sibling rivalry, reunions, and dragons. I mean, it even got me to start watching the after I had sworn off it because it was too ‘mainstream’. PS: The show is mainstream, and so popular for a reason: IT’S REALLY GOOD. But most importantly, it keeps everyone at the edge of their seats and obsessing over the minutest details, trying to figure out what’ll happen next, who will finally end up on the Iron Throne. And that’s where I come in. After 7 weeks of fans…Continue Reading

24 Things Every 90’s Indian Kid Fondly Misses

Today, full blast nostalgia hit in. And long story short, all this is what it reminded me of! Bachpan!!!! Simpler times… These tattoos were the best! (or were they?) This bunch of madcaps! So many hours of so much fun! Our innocent first definition of ‘cool’ The only vehicle that was a pain, to both start, and turn off Betal was what a lot of our nightmares were made of Anyone remember Letters To Uncle Pai? Fruits at the very best…. The man with a mind faster than a computer, and his friend from Mars! Everyone had one of these……Continue Reading

24 Video Game Characters We’d All Would Love To Be, At Least For A Day

Hail video game lovers! From days when we rushed out of school because there were aliens to battle, to days when we ignored friendship because we needed to find a certain too-important-ancient artifact, I totally get you. Munching on a bowl of cornflakes while you guide your assassin to blow off a few bad guys or staying up late at night because you’re almost rounding off the game and can’t wait to know the climax, I totally get you, again. Here’s to every one who’s loved to live in virtual worlds far more than the real one, these 24 video…Continue Reading

9 Games You Don’t Necessarily Need Another Person To Play With You And Why

Today, when we’re all so caught up in our individual routines, often, we end up not being free around the same time as our friends. Maybe that’s why group outings with friends happen less often, and we end up catching up with ‘whoever can make it’. We take ourselves out for a movie, or to sit immersed into an interesting read, by a window at a cafe. But, not always do we feel like going out. Sometimes, we have less than an hour to kill, and just want to maybe play a game. The good thing is, not all games…Continue Reading