Forgiving Someone Could Be The Best Gift You Give Yourself

Someone you loved very dearly must have hurt you, betrayed you, or left you shattered. You must still be struggling to comprehend, believe and digest what has happened. A part of you might be hoping to wake up one day and find out it was all just a nightmare. But a part of you knows it isn’t. You must be wondering if you have attracted this pain in anyway. If there was anyway you could have avoided this. If there is anything that you could learn from this. You now doubt you could ever trust anyone again without having this…Continue Reading

21 Powerful Affirmations That Will Connect You To Your BEST Self

“An affirmation is a phrase that reinforces positive beliefs or behaviors. The best ones are a statement of what we want and are phrased in the present moment” – Gala Darling, Radical Self Love The words we speak create our reality, so said some great human some long, long time ago. And what they said, in my experience, is truly bang on! It is not only the words we tell each other, but the words we tell ourselves that determine the quality of our lives. If you’re someone who is too hard on yourself, use kinder words in your self-talk.…Continue Reading

Forgiveness Is Not Just For Others, It Is For Me Too

They hurt you, they tried to knock you down, and they make you feel bad about yourself. Later, some of them may have come back to you with a heavy heart..offered an apology, and you may have had the choice to forgive them or keep your grievances. When you have experienced hurt at the hands of others, you can call the shots. To be a bigger person and to forgive others for their misdeeds is certainly a mature decision. In some cases, unfortunately, there isn’t any room left for forgiveness. It is so much easier to associate forgiveness with another…Continue Reading

10 Signs That Show You Are Someone Who Forgives And Forgets Easily

The weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. To be able to forgive someone who’s wronged you is very difficult. You have to harness your inner strength to be able to let go of certain things. But there is no greater joy than letting things go. Holding onto the past will only make your life miserable. If you’re the kind of person who can forgive and forget easily, you’ll definitely relate to this list. You adopt a carefree attitude to almost everything in life. You’re not the kind to stress about the little things or even…Continue Reading