5 Films You Need To Watch If You Are Looking To Understand LGBTQ Culture

Popular narrative is fashioned by terrible portrayal of gay men in KJo movies (Hello, Dostana, Kal Ho Na Ho, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna) and rehashed versions of old handmaids tales that may or may not have any grounding in truth or science. Effeminate men or manly women have faced regular ridicule owing to their behavioural tendencies that do not fit traditional gender roles; the trauma victims of the LGBTQ spectrum face in real life has been worse. Between all of this, there are some gems created by celebrated writers and directors of our times to shine a light on misconceptions…Continue Reading

10 Sneaky Signs You Are Borderline Obsessed With Your Bae (& Maybe Should Stop)

Hey, don’t start defending yourself. We’ve all been there. Crazy and young in love, seeing nothing and feeling nothing beyond that one person. Not being able to feel anything beyond the love that completely engulfs us. We see no faults in them and only want to love them all day. We want to talk to no one else, be with no else, think of no one else. Think you’re borderline obsessed with your boo? Here are signs you might be over-doing it. First of, the BASICS: All your conversations with anyone somehow become about them. Which means you’re texting them…Continue Reading

15 Simply Hilarious Comics We Dare You To Scroll Past Without LOLing

Who doesn’t love a series of comics that not only make you laugh your ass off but also challenge your intelligence? I guess, humor goes perfectly well with a punch of sass. I love spending my time on a clever comic that turns my brain cogs and wants me to take a second to figure out what is going on. Tu and Ted, a comic account on Instagram, is a beautiful marriage of perspective and comedy and I dare you to scroll past these 15 images without laughing even once. Just walking the dog. WALKING THE DOG by @tuandted ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂…Continue Reading

19 Tiny, Honest Love Poems That Will Melt Your Heart And Give You Hope

“God Farishte, stop being SUCH a cynic!” This is how most conversations with me usually end. See, I’m not exactly the most romantic, optimistic person. I’m more of a hopeless realist. I don’t really believe in happily-ever-afters. But then I came across Zack Grey’s Instagram – a writer who believes in everything I don’t. See, Zack writes to the soulmate he hasn’t yet found (his book is titled “To The Girl I Haven’t Met”), believing that true love, through all the ups and downs, is inevitable. His poems, though small, are proof that you don’t need big metaphors or fancy…Continue Reading

10 Small Ways To Feel Like A Rebel When You’re Kinda Lazy AF

See, I am one lazy little potato. I can’t reach it, I don’t need it. It’s really that simple. But here’s why my life’s tough: You see, I actually consider myself a rebel (or so I’d like to believe I am). But things get tough when you know, you don’t want to move. I can’t be hanging out late at night because honestly, my bed is too nice.Then what do I do to satisfy the need to be a badass but ALSO be a potato? I’ve found some sneaky, pointless ways to feel like a full-blown rebel, and I don’t…Continue Reading

25 Cute Illustrations Of Badass Women Being Themselves, As They Are

Cecile Dormeau will have my eternal respect for the absolute raw, brutal and unabashed illustrations that she makes on womanhood. From addressing problems like the shame associated with period stains, to portraying real women to be in-charge of their own sexual well-being, her drawings will make you laugh and applaud. If you’re a woman who’s sick and tired of being told what to do and how to behave, Cecile’s art will come as a stress-buster. These 25 illustrations talk about everything a woman does or is not afraid to show the world, despite its congenial rules and doctrines. 1. When…Continue Reading

35 FAB English Songs From The 2000s That Prettttty Much Defined Our Teens

Man, the teen years. When we finally started discovering good music that was all ours and not passed on to us by our parents. It’d be fair to say, they just don’t make songs like ’em anymore. 😛 We’re getting old bruvs, but let’s remember where we came from. Here’s a trip down nostalgia road, when school was cool and you were not. Hoobastank: The Reason BOMB LINE WE ALL SCREAM-SANG: “A reason to start over new, and the reason is you.” Backstreet Boys: Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely BOMB LINE WE ALL SCREAM-SANG: “Tell me why I…Continue Reading

10 Bollywood Films That Were Light Years Ahead Of Their Time

Here’s the thing with the Bollywood of the past: it had its fails, but it had its shining moments too. If for years it assaulted our senses with insensitive stereotypes and regressive content, it also presented us with masterpieces that were so blindingly bright and ahead of their time that the audience couldn’t even fathom their awesomeness at the time. So decades later, as we (hope to) build a society based on sensitivities and progressive thought, here’s a look back at the side of Bollywood that had already figured it out years ago. 1. My Brother Nikhil (2005) There is…Continue Reading

8 Fascinating ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theories You’ll Want To Know Before The Finale

It’s been a THRILLING season of Game Of Thrones, full of twists, mildly incestuous romances, sibling rivalry, reunions, and dragons. I mean, it even got me to start watching the after I had sworn off it because it was too ‘mainstream’. PS: The show is mainstream, and so popular for a reason: IT’S REALLY GOOD. But most importantly, it keeps everyone at the edge of their seats and obsessing over the minutest details, trying to figure out what’ll happen next, who will finally end up on the Iron Throne. And that’s where I come in. After 7 weeks of fans…Continue Reading

On Break Ups & Cutting Hair: Rituals Of Healing And Why They’re Okay

Power isn’t just fighting, power is falling to your knees. Letting the fear wash you out with relief, letting the powdered bones crash and dust the earth with your ridiculed wisdom. Power, is letting your shaken flesh feed you still-hopeful soul. Power, is accepting the time to let go. And then, let the hair fall. Women have been known to cut their hair to deal with heartbreak, and it makes perfect sense. Hair becomes a huge part of one’s identity, especially as women. Raised to follow certain beauty standards, to cover up the “pure”, to braid as children and to…Continue Reading