16 Real Struggles Of Someone Who Has A Big Butt (And Cannot Lie)

I have a big bum. At least it’s bigger than the rest of my body. Since I was a kid, my mom joked that all my weight went into my butt. (I wish she wouldn’t have because the law of attraction totally heard her, and voila!) Today, I am a little scared to even look behind because I am pretty sure by booty is slyly winking back *sigh*. And contrary to what people think, big butts have their own set of struggles. And these 17 are just the beginning. 1. All your food seems to get stored in your bum.…Continue Reading

11 Outfits That Are Perfect For Every Kind Of Date (Including Sundays And Cuddles)

Dates are fun. They’re also ever so slightly stressful, because WHAT DO YOU WEAR? I mean, malls have a whole plethora of outfits that will basically, just end up confusing the hell out of even the best shoppers. But then, I found StalkBuyLove, and that made my life SO much easier. It’s got the BEST clothes that I can buy from the comfort of my home, while getting a facial all in preparation for that date. What about those different kinds of dates though? Let this help you out. The ‘casual’ first date, aka, the date for which you want…Continue Reading

17 Bizarre Fashion Trends That Made Me Lose All Faith In Mankind

I feel like I need to start this by stating that I don’t really give two sh*ts about fashion. It takes a lot for something to earn my nasty judgment when it comes to clothing matters – because, mostly, I just don’t care what you wear. Leopard print jumpsuit, sandals over socks? Whatever, you do you, boo. But just, please don’t do you, boo, if it means you’re going to be crushing the very essence of mankind, its intellectual evolution and the very basic concept of common goddamn sense. *Sigh* You’re probably here because you know what I mean, so…Continue Reading

17 Stunning Sabyasachi Groom Outfits – You’ll Want To Get Married NOW!

Good Lord! Bless the man behind the world’s FINEST wedding clothes. And bless him with immortality because the universe needs to have his clothes around forever. Every single human who can afford couture and is in love heads straight for a Sabyasachi Mukherjee outfit for their Big Day. Our very own #couplegoals Virat and Anushka were decked up in this beloved Indian designer’s label. To be honest, who even NEEDS a wedding to appreciate Sabya’s masterpieces, but if you do need good reasons, I am about to give you seventeen. 1. Please tell me I am not the only one…Continue Reading

17 Annoying Things EVERY Girl With Short Hair Has Heard

I’ve got a whole bunch of issues with society. Like, why don’t I have more instagram followers (LOL, I actually have the answer to that)? Why did Trump win the win the election? Why don’t unicorns actually exist? Why do girls have to have long hair? And why do girls with short hair become the punchline of multiple jokes because the world can’t deal with the fact that girls can, in fact, have short hair? I’ve had short hair for 3 years now. I never could go back after. And in those 3 years…well, I learned how not to kill…Continue Reading

13 Beautiful Dresses Under Rs 2,000 – Perfect For New Year’s!

Ladies, New Year’s Eve is exactly nine days away and I’m pretty sure you’re already on the hunt for a dress that GETS you. A dress that snuggles comfortably against your skin but makes you look like a goddamn GODDESS. Well, whoever said you can’t have everything in life definitely did not stumble upon StalkBuyLove. A) They have a range of dresses that might just be your perfect New Year’s calling. B) They DO care about the money in your wallet and don’t want you to lose it all. C) They know how to do a CUTE New Year’s dress…Continue Reading

10 Super Stylish Tops Under Rs 1,000 – Perfect For New Year’s!

The next big adventure is days away! We are about to move to a fresh new diary, so might as well do it looking our best, no? Yas, girl, I know the money hurts. But I got it figured, I found the best for the least (thank YOU, StalkBuyLove!) and this is going to save you from all possible stress. Just put it on, and be a damn star. This beautiful green easy-fit top It is plain, but it is beautiful. Team it up with plain black jeans or old shorts, and you’ll look like a dream. Get it here…Continue Reading

20 Real Sabyasachi Brides Who Prove That He Is An Undisputed King

Weddings. You’re probably all against them, or can’t wait for your own. They’re such a huge leap in life, forward or backwards – depends on your decisions and luck. Me, well, I freakin’ love weddings. They’re so beautiful and happy – and a reminder of all things love. Now if ever I fall in love with someone (and hopefully they love me back), I’d like to look like a damn princess. Go ALL out. You best believe I will not walk down that aisle if it’s not in a Sabyasachi. Don’t get why? Wait, I gotchu. Look at this beauty,…Continue Reading

15 Beautiful Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Children

When we were kids, the world was our oyster. We never believed otherwise and life seemed to roll out like it was striving to always keep us smiling. We’d fall, get bruised, cry a bit…and the next thing we knew, there was a pretty little bug on the grass and we were watching it with awe. We’d roll over in our sleep, snooze like all the freedom was ours (which it is even now, actually) and burp without asking for permission. There’d be loud farts without embarrassment, and there’d be anger shown with complete honesty. There was no hiding. Most…Continue Reading

25 Milestones To Cross By The Time You’re 25 (No, Not Marriage)

Hello, hello. When we think of turning 25, the heartbeat quickens and we may start to sweat a wee bit because, hey, it’s this “no-going-back” year. The year when you OFFICIALLY finish a quarter of a frigging century on this planet! God, that’s a LOOOONG time. And since these heavy, heavy numericals demand some serious goal-completion, we’re more than driven to make sure we don’t feel completely useless by the time we meet our 25th birthday. Marriage, my friend, isn’t even a consideration. Let’s happily dump that in the bin and look at 25 of these super-essential challenges we really…Continue Reading