12 Quotes From Great People That’ll Inspire You To Live Your BEST Life

Great sayings by extraordinary people have the power to change the world. Sometimes, in the simplest of words, we find meanings that not only enlighten a single individual, but in fact serve as a guiding light for generations. Over centuries great men and women have given the world thought provoking mantras to life, statements that have transformed lives. Let us throw light on some of the most relevant statements by people from the modern era whom we have loved and adored. “Don’t stop chasing your dreams, because dreams do come true” – Sachin Tendulkar “Poor is the man whose pleasures…Continue Reading

“I Had The Worst Self Esteem When I Was A Kid,” Reveals Priyanka Chopra

She is GOALS. No, I don’t mean her career chart or the fact that she’s been selected as one of the 100 most influential people by Time. No, I mean her. All of her. Is Goals. Name one Bollywood actress who’s inspired you to be completely yourself, not give two hoots about what they say about you and continue being the damn phoenix that you are? While the rest of the world is busy chasing pretty and rich, here’s a woman who’s just begun to write her own fairy-tale. And guess what? She ain’t needing no prince charming to be…Continue Reading

11 Insightful Quotes That Reflect The Many Honest Facets Of Homosexuality

No matter how irrational the concept of homosexuality may seem, there is certainly more to it than just the sexual preference. The people with such a preference are as human as all of us; it doesn’t make them any lesser a human being. Here are quotes by by a bunch of people that explain this misconception explicitly: These 11 Quotes By Famous People Explain Why Being Homosexual Is A Matter Of Pride Over Anything Else.

This Cover Of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ Will Make You Fall In Love, All Over Again

I love discovering new YouTube artists. Stumbling upon amaze renditions of my favorite numbers always get this geeky smile on my face and warm, fuzzy feels in my chest. So here I am, once again, adding another stunner to my pile of awesome finds. I swear, if Lennon was alive, he’d probably go all the way and hug Alex G and Gustov for this version of ‘Imagine’. And if you’re having a pretty crappy day including a lunch that didn’t appease your expectations, hear this one out. It’ll soothe your weary brain and give it a much anticipated hug. I’ll…Continue Reading

16 Rihanna Numbers That Prove She Is The Unbeatable Queen of Sass

She’s been on everybody’s mind some time or the other. It could be for how explicitly bold she is with her masochistic sexual preferences or with her comfort to make love to her body onscreen. She’s been compared and put down in front of old-gold Beyoncé. But even while that happened, we knew she was already winning, already converting haters to fans. So let’s just shush it and give it up for one of the coolest, sexiest and par-fashionable pop singer, Rihanna. She’s written songs on going low, heartbreak, love that makes you wriggle with joy and being absolutely bad-ass.…Continue Reading

10 Ed Sheeran Songs That Will Show You, Real Love Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Before ‘Thinking Out Loud’, I wasn’t really a Sheeran fan. Yeah he was a weird-looking-cute-kid but nothing special if you asked me. Especially if you put him in the same frame as Taylor Swift. But no, I am going to say that with THAT music record, I have seriously come to respect this man. Especially when he sings like a frigging dream with zero apologies. Bam! There are moments when he pulls your heart strings along with those of his guitar’s and moments where just that slight, classic hum of his will make you sigh. And boy, oh boy, if…Continue Reading

9 Reasons Why The Brad-Angelina Divorce Just Feels So Wrong

Okay, my world is shattered at the moment. My breath has forgotten that it needs to pass through my lungs and find its way out. My ears are ringing and my head is just swaying from side to side in denial. No, no, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO! This CANNOT be happening. Please dear God, let this not be true. HOW can one of the most awesome sauce couples in the world, part ways! *Is practically sobbing* And these 9 reasons just prove why it feels super duper wrong! They are THE Brangelina! There is NO other couple like…Continue Reading

12 Hermione Granger Qualities That Made Us Want To Be Her, For Real

I just found out it’s Hermione’s birthday! And damn, bam, *spews incoherent sounds due to over-excitement* Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Hermione! Happy birthday to you! I have LOVED her ever since she stepped on the Hogwarts Express and totally judged Ron’s mouthful introduction. I LOVED the way she did her own thing, even when she was all by herself, cursed as the ‘know-it-all’. (Remember even before Harry and Ron thought she was cool and totally dissed her for being goody-too-shoes? Yep.) Let’s not sit and talk about how frigging AH-MAZ-ING she is because…Continue Reading

13 Photos That Prove Why Sonam Kapoor Is Every Girl’s Favorite Fashion Icon

Hello from the land of frills, lace and everything-fashionable! I remember eagerly awaiting the release of Saawariya, because the music and the trailer looked pretty mind-blowing. But didn’t we all meet sheer disappointment with the movie? *Sigh* There was an amazing thing about the whole affair, though. THOSE to-die-for velvet and silk anarkalis. *Is hyperventilating already at the memory* Ever since, I have been hooked to the off-screen fashion tales of our young Kapoor lady. I have seen her rock pajamas, striped pants, and trench coats. I have seen her emerge as timeless as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. I…Continue Reading

16 Songs You Need On Your Playlist NOW To Make You Feel Sexy And Awesome

I have this zone when I am walking with my headphones on and grooving to some “I-am-too-awesome-for-this-world” track. I tend to imagine the sky as a giant woofer with my song soaring loud through it, all over the city. I imagine the cars driving on rhythm, people singing out the lyrics and the beat just uniting every single soul I happen to pass by. Overworked imagination? #sorrynotsorry. I am a large pop music fan. Like HUGE. I could wiggle to a Jason Derulo number or sashay to Katy Perry. My atoms feel alive. My feet thump. And I have this…Continue Reading