10 Everyday Struggles You’ll ONLY Get If You’re An Over-Enthusiast

‘Oh, such a happy-go-lucky girl, so bubbly, so sweet!’ Sounds like a lovely string of compliments, doesn’t it? I thought so, too. Can’t help but STILL think so, actually. However, every story has a dark side and this is ours. We face several social struggles on an everyday basis. Sure, being a certain way comes naturally to us, and there’s not much you can do if you’re one of us except maybe, empathize. If you have experienced some or all of these social inadequacies, I feel you bruh! As for you regular peeps out there who are inherently graceful, lady-like…Continue Reading

Watch It: Nescafe Is Back With An Ad That Is So Relatable And Awe-Inspiring

There are times when we try our best to do something in life but find no luck. No matter how much ever effort we put in, the output just doesn’t turn out as we expect it to be. They’re the darkest times when such factors are beyond our control. We somehow find our ways to turn things around, we try to not lose hope and as it is said and perceived- darkness is the path towards light. The same concept is beautifully portrayed in this recent ad by Nescafé, which tells us a story of a radio jockey, Rishi Rawat…Continue Reading