Here Are 10 Of The BEST Short Films Of 2017 That You Can. Not. Miss.

Short films. Because who has time for 3 hour movies?! But if you’re like me, and genuinely LAAV movies, you gotta get your share. The solution was simple. With all the AWESOME short films coming out every year, what in the heck do we need beyond? Since 2017 was great too, here are the best of last year. Syaahi With a National Film Award, this short film kinda proved itself a while ago. But we are talking about brilliance, and this cannot be missed. See the value of unspoken words unfurl with this beautifully crafted film. The Manliest Man I…Continue Reading

A Daughter, And Her Mother – This Brilliant Short Film Will Make You Cry

Mothers and daughters. Rainbows and butterflies. Love and laughter. It all sings together. But is life really as rosy as we always make it out to be? What happens when people break open, fall down, forget happiness? What happens when all your life becomes about stress and responsibilities and expectations? What do you expect out of a parent then? What do you expect from your child when you mess up? This beautifully dark short film, MAD (Mother and Daughter), written and directed by Vinod Rawat, is going to shake your very soul. The simplicity of it, the realness of the…Continue Reading

You HAVE To Watch These Movies Before The Year Ends

2017 is nearing its end, and it was marked with some of the most epic superhero and action-adventure movies like Thor: Ragnarok, Kingsmen: The Golden Circle, Wonder Woman, Justice League, etc. On the other hand, horror movies too ruled the box office, with It, Annabelle: Creation, Get Out. And special farewell films like Logan left us emotional as Hugh Jackman bid adieu to the character of Wolverine. But the best is yet to come. We have curated a list of a few of those unmissable films that are in the theatres right now or are yet to arrive – you…Continue Reading

7 Powerful Female-Centric TV Shows That Will Make You Laugh, Cry And Roar

2017 witnessed some of the most captivating TV shows with female-centric storylines. With many popular female celebrities becoming producers and investing their money (and minds) to bring out shows like Big Little Lies, television ‘for women’ and ‘by women’ is the new trend. Which is why we decided to showcase some incredible female-centric TV shows for you. Big Little Lies Starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley, this American miniseries sheds light on the rarely depicted issue of sexual abuse. The mystery revolving around the lives of the three protagonists is resolved by the end of the last episode…Continue Reading

13 Times We’ve All Fallen A Little Bit In Love In College!

Sometimes, some people just come in with a plethora of energy that can have you falling in love with them. And most of the times, it’s not supposed to be the panties-dropping, butterflies-in-my-tummy kind of love. It’s an expansion of pure joy inside your chest when you see these folks walking around in your campus or just coming up to say hello. And let’s be honest – we’ve all fallen in love with at least three of these kinds of people in our lives. People who’ve made our hearts melt just because of who they are…and then broken our hearts…Continue Reading

Padmavati’s First Song ‘Ghoomar’ Is Out, And Man, Oh Man, DEEPIKA

We are all waiting for it, counting days, because Queen Deepika is coming back in another regal role (and we know how those go!) with Padmavati. After her splendid performance in Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani, this one has our hopes up, and for good reason. Speaking of which, the first song from the movie just dropped, and I am LOSING ALL MY CHILL. If ever a goddess was born in our times, Deepika is her. ‘Ghoomar’ is as much a visual treat as it is musical perfection (Shreya Ghoshal – can we have a round of applause for her?!) and I…Continue Reading

25 Films That Are Just Perfect For A Winter Movie-Marathon

Remember when you wake up in those chilly winter mornings, and step out, and instantly regret it? All you want is to stay inside your home for the whole day, just have your favorite food- hot chocolate and soupy noodles, and watch your favorite shows all day long. Welcome to WINTER!! Winter seems to be an altogether holiday time, when you just feel like having a good time with your family and friends. In films, the idea of this season is depicted by snow covered mountains, burning fire-place and lavishly served hot supper. Since, the season is almost here, we…Continue Reading

​5 Roles Played By Anushka Sharma That Taught Us Unforgettable Lessons

As the dutiful and dignified ‘Tani’ in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Anushka Sharma performed convincingly. In 2008, she took her first, decisive steps into the fantastic world of Bollywood. In 2010, rave reviews were pouring in for Band Baaja Baaraat and Anushka stood at the centre of it all—hand in hand with Ranveer Singh, of course, who was inimitable in the film as Bittoo Sharma. After Band Baaja Baaraat, a lot of avenues opened for the promising actor and she has rarely disappointed. In Bollywood, success and controversies are often intertwined. In 2015 around the release of Bombay Velvet,…Continue Reading

This Fusion Of Indian Ragas With ‘Save Tonight’ Will Give You Permanent Chills, Believe Me

The other day I was making Maggi and I came to a heart-breaking realization that nothing in the world we try to better actually ever gets better anymore. Take music for once, all these cringe-worthy remixes – it’s painful to see art die the way it is.Specially, when you know the blood in your veins and just how much power it holds, the command it has over creativity itself. To see our beautiful music dissolve into nothingness, it is sad, but fear no more! Our men from Prana (who are four now?!) (YAY?!!!!) are back at it again, doing the…Continue Reading

These 7 Songs By Shakira Will Lift Up Your Depressing Mornings For Sure

Music holds healing powers. Certain renditions are so strong that they can make you cry, smile, fill you with life and at the same time, act as a remedy to your worries. Music can transit you to nostalgia , it can save you from the melancholy dullness and can give you a small reason to cherish life. What else can be beautiful than realizing the fact that a simple creation by an artist can become a part of your daily routine. It may help you survive the toughest of times and the hardest of circumstances. Here is a list of…Continue Reading