Life Lessons From Queen JLo Who’s Just the BEST Life Coach EVER!

If you know even the wee-est bit of Jennifer Lopez then you know that she is, was and probably will be a powerhouse, an unstoppable force of nature ever and ever and ever. This woman seems to have done it all and done it better. Not only is she a phenomenal actress, performer, singer, song writer and dancer, she is just as terrific a human being. All the while seeming to not age a day over 25. If there is anyone who seems to have figured out this puzzle called life, it’s got to be her. Every word out of…Continue Reading

13 Movies That Will Give You All The FEELS In A ‘Not So Romantic Way’

We all have different definitions of love and some of us don’t actually believe in mushy romance. As much as we want to, there’s no way that we can actually adapt to the ‘good old’ romantic stuff. If we honestly think about it and dig a little deeper, these unrealistic couple goals have shattered our real life dreams. It’s because love stories don’t always have to be about big declarations of love and impractical gestures. The romance genre is defined with soppy stories but there’s so much more to that. There also lies a deeper meaning of understanding, commitment and…Continue Reading

15 Instances Of Cross-Dressing In Bollywood That We Indians Celebrated & Loved

Human societies have had gendered dress codes since the beginning of dressing up but humans have also cross-dressed since centuries for different reasons. Historically, cross-dressing didn’t mean a slur and was used to disguise people, ensure comfort and sometimes, self-discovery. Cross-dressing often fuels images of deviant sexualities and lifestyles in the minds of a populace fueled by politics and religion. Never mind the hordes of Bollywood characters we have laughed at/with, applauded, cried with for not just cross-dressing but displaying characteristics opposite to the ones assigned to their gender via our social constructs. The portrayal may be faulty, but here…Continue Reading

Lust Stories Is Honest & Funny, And Here’s Why We ALL Need To Watch It

Writing a story and entertaining people is no joke and it’s a struggle that many directors of our country go through. Considering Bollywood and the way it has evolved, it’s safe to say that we are NOT heading in the right direction. What we once called classic cinema is now being shredded and broken into pieces. Sounds brutal but it is the reality! What’s the problem you ask? Too much glamour and commercialization. The moment filmmakers start talking about money and the ratings of a movie, it’s meant to be doomed (unless the story-line is exceptional). In a scenario like…Continue Reading

14 Underrated Indian TV Shows That Should’ve Gotten More Love

So I read somewhere the other day that Sasuraal Simar Ka is going off air, and like any other sensible person, my first thought was, “uh, wait, that sh*t is still on-air?”. Of course, it is. Because maybe this is what television audience today deserves for turning away brilliant shows that do make an appearance, but are either not watched enough or rejected into obscurity. Good shows can’t live on good-will alone. They need good numbers too. So in interest of public sanity, here are 17 underrated Indian television shows that have either come and been sent away, or are…Continue Reading

21 Peppy Yet Sweet Hindi Songs You Should Dedicate To Your Best Friend

I wish instead of all the crap that they’ve taught us about love over the years, we had been educated on the beauty of friendship instead. But maybe it’s better this way. Because the best things just happen. Like finding that one weird soul that completely vibes with yours. I am pretty sure we all have that one human who makes life worth living. And this one human is so much more than the “soulmate” we’ve been asked to wait for. Having a best friend, I feel, is like the universe sending you a gigantic gift of love. And if…Continue Reading

7 Scary AF Horror Films Of 2018 – How Many Will You Dare To Watch?

Horror, creepy and the unusual ruled 2017 in Hollywood. The previous year was promising in terms of horror films – right from the demonic doll to the shape-changing clown, various spine-chilling characters left the audience stunned. Various horror films did well at the box office including ‘It’, which became the top-earning horror film of all time. This year too we are expecting the return of the horror genre at large. Right from the start of 2018, we have seen some extremely eerie trailers of upcoming horror films. To give you a glimpse of them, here’s a list of some of…Continue Reading

7 Powerful Films With Women Protagonists To Watch This Year

The year started with the “Time’s Up” movement that kicked off at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, empowering women in the entertainment business to speak up for themselves. Since then, things have not been the same in Hollywood. This historic movement against sexual harassment has shifted the paradigm for both filmmakers and actors. People are now paying more attention to women-centric roles and movies. This year is surely going to be a year for women! Let us throw light on some of the most awaited women based films that could be game changers in 2018. Ocean’s 8 This is undoubtedly…Continue Reading

We Asked 12 People About Their Funniest Break-Up Stories – Here’s What They Said!

Break-ups. They hurt at the time, they really do. But as time passes by, so many of the things that seemed nothing short of heartbreaking back then turn into really, really hilarious stories. Now we know the value of a good comic story, which is why, yes, of course, we went around asking people about the funniest break-up story they had to share. Here’s what we heard: 1. Ruth, 21 My teenage boyfriend tried to climb up the window to my room, well, because Bollywood. He fell hard, my parents had to take him to the hospital, and while he…Continue Reading

This Beautiful, Moving Poem Will Break And Then Mend Your Lonely Heart

Let’s talk about relationships. Not the rom-com inspired relationships. Real ones. You know, those that start with uncertain ‘hellos’ and polite conversations about the weather. And then move on to ‘You’re like that too? I thought I was the only one!’ . Of course, this is usually followed by the tumbling-out of secrets and the conversations that you don’t think will ever end. The thing is that relationships like these are few and far between. Most of us long for them – for something that’ll fill the void of that unacknowledged loneliness. So when I came across Jidnya Pandya’s spoken…Continue Reading