A Letter To My Younger Self: “Your Heart Will Learn To Bloom Again”

Dear Jiya, I miss being called by that name. ‘Jiya’, originating in Sanskrit, means ‘an essential part of the soul’ (colloquially reduced to meaning: ‘heart’). Baba gave us the name, but hardly ever imagined how we would grow up to own every syllable of it. I remember you. I remember the half-ponytail, and the haircut that never quite had a name. I remember how you saw devastation, and wanted to fix it. You always thought cracks could heal with a Band-Aid, until your first heartbreak. I remember you crying, cradled in Mamma’s lap, as the hours of dawn passed us…Continue Reading

16 Of The Cutest Moments From #SonamKiShaadi That Prove Fairy Tales Are Real

The week so far has been all about Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s BIG, FAT, PUNJABI WEDDING. And we are not complaining! My Instagram feed keeps suggesting posts that revolve all around the bride’s team making her feel like a complete princess. Her beau is no less charming, and to be honest, I love seeing them together. If you’ve missed out on all the wedding madness so far or just want an inside peek into one of the cutest Bollywood weddings this year, these 16 moments from #SonamKiShaadi are for you. 1. When Anand got mehendi on his hands, too!…Continue Reading

15 Funny Signs You’re A Puddle Of Emotions That Can’t Be Controlled

You, I SEE YOU. You who cries at the drop of a hat, then gets happy like a little bunny. When there isn’t actually a lurking problem and your general sense of mental health is okay, but you still burst out like a balloon filled with confetti at the smallest of things. Here are a few signs you’re basically an emotional flush (and it’s cool, you know!). You can’t watch a single movie without breaking into tears at least once. Sometimes, you laugh so hard you get overwhelmed and end up crying. And you’re just like whaa? Babies and animals…Continue Reading

19 Things I’ve Learnt From My Father On Being A Better Person

My dad is not the expressive kind. He won’t say the three words, but his every act is a display of his love for me. From taking care of my finances, to checking on me when I have an upset stomach, his love is what the world calls “unconditional”. We’ve always know a mother’s love to be the best, but I love my father’s way of showing care and affection equally, if not more. Maybe we don’t have heart-to-heart conversations and on more days than not, our perspectives on life are poles apart. But for me, he is my hero.…Continue Reading

10 Things I Want To Say To All Those Who Feel Too Much

You know, the world is progressing. But somehow, feelings aren’t being seen as part of that progressive world. We are constantly made to feel like we need to “calm TF down” and “not make a big deal” out of things. Now if you’re a person like me, you’ll find that hard to do. Feel too much? Here’s what I learnt about having an overly sensitive heart, and you should too. Being sensitive is a power, you have to learn to get the good out of it. You’re blessed, for you can understand people like nobody else can. Reach out and…Continue Reading

15 Beautiful Short Films By Pixar – They’ll Soothe Your Aching Soul

Ha! Pixar has some of the most heart-wrenching “shorts” as they call it. These films always convey the gravest messages through the medium of animation. While you’re pondering about the life-gyaan these films are spelling out, you don’t fail to notice the artistic beauty that they exude. These 15 animated Pixar shorts are some of the most adorable + thought provoking movies ever and every adult should watch them. 1. Piper. Piper, a baby Sandpiper makes her first attempt to hunt for food on the waves of the shore only to be drenched by the incoming surf. Refusing to leave…Continue Reading

20 Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person, And It’s A Good Thing

While you wonder time and again if you are one of those people who feel too much, here’s a sure shot way to know if you’re highly sensitive. And just to make it clear in the first go, there is nothing wrong with it. Highly sensitive humans feel a LOT and they are usually looked down upon by the general masses for not upholding logic as their bane of existence. They are also frequently turned to when the tides become choppy and dealing with emotions feels like a tough detour. I give you 20 signs to know if you belong…Continue Reading

Here’s What You Say When They Tell You To Stop Being “So Emotional”

Yes, I feel too much. And no, I am not sorry. I feel the smallest stirs of a leaf as it dances in the wind. I feel the pains of a pup who cannot find her mother. I feel the truly weak-in-my-knees feels when I spot an oldie still carrying a heavy load on his shoulder because his family is too poor to provide him a comfortable old age. I feel utterly delighted when I see a baby laugh. I feel my stomach tie itself in knots when it’s a super important day for me and I want it all…Continue Reading

This Soul-Stirring Son And Father Video Is Everything You Forgot To Thank Your Dad For

I was stubborn as a kid, there would never go a day without complaining about the things I didn’t have or couldn’t enjoy like everyone else. Back then, it wasn’t a big deal to blame the person who battled every day with the world so that I could enjoy all those luxuries that he didn’t have the privilege of enjoying. Honestly, if Dad hadn’t sacrificed his time and his dreams, I wouldn’t be living such a cosy life today. Like really, there is no arguing the fact how much our fathers have done for us at each step of their…Continue Reading

These Nurses Reveal People’s “Last Words” And It Is Heartbreaking

I have often thought about people, people whose contributions are very important in the society yet they never get an opportunity to be in the much-deserved limelight for their efforts towards us. One such selfless breed you have most probably come across but never noticed are the nurses in any hospital you’ve ever been to. My point here is that even though we all complain about various day-to-day problems in our lives, we often miss out on the little gestures towards people. Fact is not all of us witness someone else’s pain, but there are people who do and I…Continue Reading