17 “Eat, Pray, Love” Quotes That Sum Up The True Beauty Of Being Human

I have a special connection with the “Eat, Pray, Love” movie. Perhaps it is because I read the book at a time of massive emotional turbulence in my life. I had just had a heartbreak (like Lizzie, the protagonist), and I didn’t know if I’d survive this the second time around. But I did. And I have laughed at Elizabeth Gilbert’s words and cried too. I then proceeded to watch the film and I was smiling from ear-to-ear by the end of it. In short, I learned the biggest lesson of my life from this movie: It’s okay to celebrate…Continue Reading

How My Worst Breakup Taught Me Life’s Most Important Lessons

I won’t lie. I wouldn’t want to relive the first half of 2016. It was the worst blow my heart’s taken in a long time, but to be honest if I was given a choice to erase that year out of my existence, I wouldn’t. Because no matter how messed up the first half of it had been, it was one of my favorite years in the almost-30 stint I am heading towards. I am assuming we’ve all been through a breakup that’s opened a gap within the center of our chests with constant pain spilling out. And mine was…Continue Reading

10 Beautiful Times India Was The Perfect Location For Celebrated Hollywood Movies

Ever wondered what would have happened had James Bond tried to chase the big bad boys in the crowded lanes of India, or if Spiderman tried to jump from one house to another in the crazy lanes of Chandni Chowk? Well, hilarious though it is, it has not happened yet, even though we would have died laughing seeing the two seemingly invincible heroes of the west, battling through the usual Indian things. Anyway, this was just a hypothetical daydream, seen in the haze of a particularly boring day (Yeah, that’s us, we’re pretty zoned out while writing). So what if…Continue Reading

10 Reasons Meditation Is The Kind Of Medicine You Need In Your Life Right Now

Om, people, Omm! With all our busy lives and constant craving for the better (in doing which we are constantly pushed down or are pushing down?). I think a lot (Read: MOST) of us are losing out on our peace of mind. Do we even understand what we are doing or why we are doing it anymore? So I think it’s time to sit down and really think, figure ourselves and our true desires out. The need to stop subjecting our bodies to mindless physical exhaustion, and here people…the solution is simple. Meditation. Your one stop med for all things…Continue Reading