Here’s What Your Room Should Look Like Based On Your Personality

Hello, dearies. In this too-short life, it’s such a waste to not be all of yourself. And by that I mean, all the elements of your life should be in sync with your persona (including your pillow covers, yep). There’s truly no point if you aren’t out there, in all your glory, creating magic. And what better way to speak about your true glittery self than making your room, your own heaven? Be it your furniture or your curtain draping, this is how your room should look like based on your personality: The Effortless Modern Heart. Do you feel like…Continue Reading

20 Pretty AF Work Desks That’ll Never Make You Want To Leave Office

We spend 10 out of our precious 24 daily hours working. If we’re not really happy with what we’re doing, we’re pretty much just wasting our non-refundable time. And that matters. It matters how you feel in your work space, and how you want to feel. It also matters if the interiors resemble the inside of a demon’s head or are bright, warm and inviting. I don’t know how your current office looks, guys, but these 20 pretty work desks will make you want to shift base, ASAP. 1. Clean, sleek and all the metal. 2. A real-life throwback moment.…Continue Reading

13 Easy Minimalistic Decor Ideas For Those Who Believe That Less Is More

So, I love the idea of minimalism. An idea where less is more and not going out of your way to make a statement, is a statement in itself. As it is, when it comes to home decor, it isn’t always easy for us working millennials to have the time or…well…money to go all the way with our interiors. But that doesn’t mean we have to settle for less-than-pretty rooms, right? Hence, minimalism! A monochromatic colour scheme is an easy- peasy way to make your room look naturally stylish. Or, just have your sheets and pillows match the walls of…Continue Reading

25 Amazing Tiny Homes That Show You How Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Home is where the heart is, they say. And while success for some has meant mansions with gigantic rooms and jacuzzis, there’s a part of the world that has started a little something they call the “Tiny House Movement”. A movement that doesn’t care about wealth or success, but the thing that matters most – happiness. So of course, I LOVE IT! A lot of effort and thought goes into making these tiny homes as comfortable and purposeful as possible, in the smallest of spaces. With room only for the bare necessities, these houses are a reflection of all the…Continue Reading

17 Serene Rooms For Those Who Love Plants And A Whole Lot Of Sunlight

Recently, my Instagram feed has been all about these beautiful homes filled with blooming plants and flowers. It is particularly soothing to watch shades of white, brown and green create an unspoken harmony. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted an outdoor garden; growing my own veggies and flowers and just lying down on a patch of earth to gaze at the sky above. If you’re someone who loves your green babies and wants to live in a house that’s filled with them, these 17 magical rooms will give you #GOALS! 1. What’s more perfect than a living room…Continue Reading

15 Breathtaking Images That Will Make You Fall In Love With Minimalism

In the interest of full disclosure, my house has zero furniture. Not because of any grand artistic plan, but because I’m too lazy to have an artistic plan, or really, any decor ideas. I didn’t really think much of it till I was introduced to Allison Kunath’s art as part of the Uncover Project. Allison’s art is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. It’s deceptively simple, no-bright-colours, minimalistic art. It’s also something you’d stop and stare at, allowing it to calm you down as you wonder how anyone can create something like this. And the thing is: each piece of…Continue Reading

15 Beautiful Rooms That Prove All You Need In Life Are Pastels

I am a sucker for good decor, and more-so, when it’s minimal. Not just patterns, but colours. Pastels are just so beautiful, so relaxing. They’re just peaceful to look at, nah? What’s better? They NEVER go out of style. Like, never. Check out these beautiful rooms for some inspiration for your next makeover! GAHHH <3 What a beautiful sunroom I designed several years ago. This is what I would consider neutral. The subtle hint of turquoise keeps the room from feeling too flat. And I love the texture of the fabric on the chairs. It’s a nubby woven damask that…Continue Reading

15 Gorgeous Bedrooms You’ll Wish You Could Sleep In (At Least Once!)

There’s no place like home. The comfort of your own bed, how it hugs you and puts you to sleep; no lover can. Now most of us do not give our rooms the love they deserve, and I can’t honestly understand why. If it’s to be any place in the world, give your home your heart. Watch it then become the place where you you feel the most comforted and secure. Here’s some inspiration that’ll make you say “GOALS!” Ugh, so beautiful. Ultimate plant loving, spirit dweller bedroom by @kim.wynn Glorious little nourishing sanctuary. Our upcoming issue is dedicated to…Continue Reading

31 Beautiful, Raw Photos That Prove No One Does Weddings Like Us Indians!

I grew up watching waaaaaaay too many romantic movies. Movies that had me wishing for a fancy, foreign, white wedding. But then I actually started attending weddings and I quickly realised that traditional Indian weddings, with all their fun, music and colours is where the REAL goals are at. See, Indian weddings aren’t just a celebration of love – they’re a celebration of family, of lifetimes spent together, of fun, promises and new beginnings. They’re everything weddings are supposed to be, and honestly – they make me want to have one even though I’M NO WHERE CLOSE TO READY. AT…Continue Reading

23 Easy Lighting Ideas To Make Your Room Look Breathtakingly Beautiful

I always thought redecoration was an elaborate process. That making your room look better would involve tonnes of research and money. But then I discovered lighting – not those normal LED lights and tube lights. I’m talking about economical, beautiful lights that if used the right way, can change everything. And honestly, I never looked back since then. Bottle up your fairy lights in old jars and turn them into your very own magical lamps. Let there be light . . . #canonmexicana #canont6s #canon50mm #light #lights #bokeh #alabrandon #sparkles #shinny #shinebrightlikeadiamond #igers #igersmx #igerstabasco #picoftheday #photography #photographer #photo #practice…Continue Reading