20 Hilarious AF Comics That’ll Make You Want To Yank Your Hair Out

I’m a sucker for the internet, and honestly, though I have soooooo many things I need to do – you’ll still find me active on Instagram 24×7. BUT in my defense, I also do cool things like curate cool things for cool readers of mine (yeah you, don’t blush). And so here I am once again with one of my favorites – Safety Endangered Comics. They’re witty, hilarious AF and sometimes SERIOUSLY frustrating. Check ’em out. Who’s a bad boyyyyy… I’ll be at Liverpool Comic Con all weekend A post shared by Safely Endangered Comics (@safely_endangered) on Mar 9, 2018…Continue Reading

20 “Mad Mughal Memes” That Will Crack You Up, No Matter What

Unless you live under a rock, chances are, you’ve come across this fantastic AF Mad Mughal Memes page, and it is absolutely hilarious! I’m a Mughal, and I feel like you should be able to laugh at anything. Don’t go ahead if you’re a sensitive cupcake, it’s all fun and games here! The rage is real. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTF! Best of luck, bro. ACCURATE! CHAL NIKALLLLLLL YAHAN SE! Dara Shikoh gettin’ real. Lotus Flower <3 Ugh, so annoying! Bra Strap #NeverForget Can confirm. Go bhai jaaan! And then, he fall. Seems legit. Again, can confirm. I didn’t say it. Now you…Continue Reading

19 Things You’ll Get If You’re A Mean Person Surrounded By Dumb People

We know them. We’ve seen them. And try as nice as we can be, they just piss you off eventually. I am talking about folks who are inherently dumb or just play the part too well. They are humans with the brains of a goldfish and (sorry, not sorry) you’ve really tried to just be all at least a wee bit accepting. But you just CAN’T. Not anymore. The task appears to be mountainous especially if you’re a genuinely mean person. Well, niceness does not come naturally to you, and hence dumbness pisses you off to another level. And if…Continue Reading

17 Things You’ll Get If You’re A Super Clumsy Person (AND U HATE IT)

Hello, hello! This list has taken quite a bit of research to make it as hilarious as it can be. And by research, I mean actually asking a super clumsy but adorable human to help out with the struggles of super clumsy people. And Antara Pathak has not failed me. She’s given me a slice-of-life view into the perils of clumsiness and, after a very enlightening conversation with her, I decided sit down and make this list. You feel like the whole universe is conspiring to make you trip, stumble or fall flat on your face. Of course, the people…Continue Reading

21 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A Nice Person With A Bad Temper

This one’s straight from the heart. I’ve been an angry kid. I was smart, happy and super-friendly, but when my anger neurons were tampered with, I’d be the ugliest human to watch. To be honest, I am a super-loving person, the kind that roams around lending free hugs, but I do have anger issues. Well, not as bad as I did when I was a child. So you won’t consider it totally absurd if I feel like my personality is split in two: one part sparkles and stardust, the other filled with anger bubbles and thoughts of almost-murder. If you’re…Continue Reading

19 Jokes You’ll ONLY Laugh At If Your Sense Of Humour Is Dark AF

I grew up with my parents cracking jokes around me. Of course, those were carefully censored jokes, full of bad puns and cutesy endings. But then I grew up, and turned into the joke (HAHAHAHA *internal crying*). And I also introduced myself to the internet. This beautiful world full of jokes my parents steered clear of. Jokes that made me laugh, jokes that made me feel like a truly terrible person. But the truth is, these jokes were fucking brilliant, and they led down the long, ill-lit path of dark humour. And honestly, I’ve never looked back. So, my fellow…Continue Reading

13 Morbidly Honest Signs You’re Dead On The Inside

I’d write an introductory paragraph, but we both know that it doesn’t matter in the long run. If you need proof of the deadness of your inner self, here it is. You kinda like to remind overly happy people that the world is also full of hunger and poverty – just so that they stop smiling so much. How do their cheeks not hurt from all that smiling? You relate to this image on a spiritual level: It’s impossible to actually hurt you, and not because you’re a strong person. Hint: It’s because you’re dead on the inside. You know…Continue Reading

15 Dark Humour Memes To Transport Your Soul To Hell

Disclaimer: This compilation is strictly for people who are accepting of all forms of humour, and are not easily offended. These posts aren’t meant to be discriminatory, and are all being shared only in good humour. Warming you up. Do I smell Lannister blood? I hear nuclear explosions. #FriendshipGoals. Some memes just get too FKN real. Singular to plural in a jiffy. I’ll make a wonderful mother. Do not try this at home. All the motivation you need. Sometimes dreams can become true – This meme could have black humour please do not report if you don’t have the humour…Continue Reading