23 Incredibly Raw Poems For Those Who Have Loved And Lost

I’m constantly astounded by the ability of words to move me to tears, and how someone else’s experiences can make me feel a little less alone. Of course, it all depends on how honest the writing is. It’s no wonder then that Ruby Dhal’s Instagram turned out to be a treasure trove for me. See, Ruby writes of love. Not the pretty, #relationshipgoals bit of it, but the heartbreak. The moving on. The finding courage to fall again. And she doesn’t use fancy metaphors – just honest words, and real emotions. To the things we hold on to. What’s mine…Continue Reading

15 Kinds Of Tiny Breaks You Should Take For A More Productive Workday

I like to think of work as a part of our lives that should have us feeling fulfilled and nourished. Of course, we all have those bad days when even the things we love doing feel like a chore. But what’s super important is finding tiny pockets of creative refueling in your weekdays to ensure that your creativity continues to thrive and bloom. For this very reason, taking short, meaningful breaks during your work hours is rather productive (Just putting common sense out there: you’re not supposed to be taking all these 15 breaks in one day). Your boss will…Continue Reading

21 Adorable Comics That Perfectly Sum Up What “Forever Love” Looks Like

So I’m not the most romantic person. Seriously, my version of romance is telling someone “I don’t hate you as much as I hate everyone else”. But every once in a while I come across something SO CUTE that even my cold heart melts. And that’s what artist Pete’s Instagram is. See, he’s been drawing about his real-life relationship goals for 5 years now. 5 WHOLE YEARS! They’ve had a kid, fallen more in love and made every single person out there (NO MATTER HOW HAPPILY SINGLE YOU ARE) feel just slightly jealous. We’ve all been there. Spooning Technique no.…Continue Reading

10 Things To Do When You Hit A Creative Block

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”-Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Our brain is very powerful, but sometimes, it falters too. There are days when you are bursting with ideas; too full of life to contain in pages. But there are months when that impulse leaves you; when every line you write ends up in the dustbin. A creative block can (and does) happen to anybody who likes to create. It nags at you to pick the pieces up, but ends up looking like an incomplete picture. Here are a few tips to…Continue Reading

This Model Shot An Adidas Campaign With Body Hair And Her Words Will Shake You Up

It’s a 15 second video. There really isn’t much to color or sugar with pretty words. Yes, you may have heard about the hate a woman received for showcasing her body hair for an Adidas Campaign. Well, I have a LOT to say to the haters. But I am going to leave it at one sentence: Your words only ever reflect your own conditioning. Let the show you the mirror. And now ladies and gents, make room for the most empowering 15 seconds of your day.

14 Reasons Weekend Getaways Are Healthy For Your Peace Of Mind

It does not have to be fancy. You don’t have to be living in a tree penthouse or the likes. You don’t have to spend half of your savings just for a swanky bathroom selfie. Nope. You could just decide to go to a nice little farmhouse on the outskirts of the city or even decide to lodge in the middle of a vineyard. The point is, to travel. Most of us associate this term to a very Instagram-friendly opinion of luxury hotels and destinations abroad. I beg to differ. You could feel absolutely in love with the world a…Continue Reading

7 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Creative, But Also A Lazy Person

Being lazy is in your blood! You can spend days doing nothing. For you, getting up just to switch off the lights is like climbing a mountain. As there are pros and cons of being a lazy person, these pros and cons become more complex when you are a creative person as well as a lazy panda! Being a creative yet lazy person is not easy. Half of the time, you don’t want to do anything and when you slightly get up from that bed to paint, write, read or do anything that stimulates your creativity, you forget what you…Continue Reading

These 10 Simple Things Will Help You Enhance Your Creativity

I’ve always been fascinated by various forms of art. Be it music, film, a story, or different genres of humor. Basically, a collective initiative taken by creative minds. Ever since I figured my liking towards it, I learnt different ways to boost my creativity. Here is how:- Watch as many films as possible to understand different psyches of people and to deal with situations Also, a bunch of T.V shows so that you know what kind of person you’d want to be ahead in life Read books of different genres and kinds to improve your ability to visualise better Even…Continue Reading

8 Reasons Graphic Novels Is Advanced Storytelling And More Adults Should Read Them

Reading comics and graphic novels has been a major part of my childhood and teenage. As I grew up, the genre and content of it changed. I explored newer material and stories with intelligent plot and characters with a terrific background. Although, most adults may refrain and judge others for reading novels with 2D illustrations drawn in them, here are a few reasons why reading graphic novels is important for teens as well as adults: The only difference between novels and graphic novels is they have loads of graphics in it Just because majority of audience is of kids and…Continue Reading

Sylvia Plath On Freedom, Complexity Of A Creative Mind And Self Love: An Essential Read

Us humans are such schizophrenic beings wanting all our lives, a love that heals and a despair that wounds. Our dreams lead us to skies, blue and black and our roots call us back to the smell of the ground. We are all full of wholehearted lightening and a never ending sadness, simultaneously. My own self, a contrive of extremities and unknown cravings of being nothing, to be found and fixed but someday vanish to never return made me question a lot about life. Can we exist as dual beings without a centre to hold, roaming from one home to…Continue Reading