7 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Creative, But Also A Lazy Person

Being lazy is in your blood! You can spend days doing nothing. For you, getting up just to switch off the lights is like climbing a mountain. As there are pros and cons of being a lazy person, these pros and cons become more complex when you are a creative person as well as a lazy panda! Being a creative yet lazy person is not easy. Half of the time, you don’t want to do anything and when you slightly get up from that bed to paint, write, read or do anything that stimulates your creativity, you forget what you…Continue Reading

9 Of The Most Unique Images By Artists That Go On To Prove Creativity Has No Boundaries. Literally.

Artists are known for their uniqueness and how differently they present ideas to other people. Apart from that, their imaginations have no boundaries and what really matters is how one imagines art and portrays it. That is exactly what these sketches by various artists prove, why artists are highly unique creatures and why you can never match up to their vivid thoughts. The Climb Illusive Place Stitch There’s an Octopus under your Floorboards Finally Free Cat Nap Behind Bars Ripple Effects The Final Struggle

10 Things That Describe Every Creative Person More Than Perfectly

You know that you’re a creative person if you can relate to the following. If not, then this article will help you discover the creative part in you! Your mind is never stagnant No shit Sherlock! Being empty headed? Really? No! Never. You feel sick and neauseating on an unproductive day You don’t like wasting a day by not creating anything at all. Especially, when you’re a creative Thug! Given a chance, you can construct a new world Being imaginative is the primary characteristic of you! All you need is the material and adequate resources to do what you’ve gotta…Continue Reading

Meryl Streep’s Inspirational Post Will Give You Happy Tears

Recently, Academy Award winner Meryl Streep took to Facebook to express a very personal incident that shaped her to be the brilliant artist that we all look up to. She explicitly wrote about one of her auditions where she was told that she was too “ugly” for the part and that she wasn’t fit for the big screen. Today, the casting directors that told her this must be chewing up their words after seeing how successful she has been in Hollywood. This is not only a WAKE UP CALL call to those who feel demotivated in life, but a REMINDER…Continue Reading