10 Adorable AF Comics That Will Make You Scream A BIG “Aww!”

Having a bad day? Need something to cheer you up? Poorly Drawn Lines is all you need in life. These comics are abusrd and cute all at once, and give you all the wholesome feelings in the world. Check ’em out! This random realization: trees A post shared by Poorly Drawn Lines (@poorlydrawnlines) on May 23, 2018 at 11:07am PDT Hoping against hope. famous A post shared by Poorly Drawn Lines (@poorlydrawnlines) on May 16, 2018 at 10:01am PDT LOL mail A post shared by Poorly Drawn Lines (@poorlydrawnlines) on Apr 2, 2018 at 11:21am PDT I CRY! patience (old…Continue Reading

This Artist Captures The Cute But Important Little Moments In Our Everyday Life

Artist Lingvistov on Instagram is everything you need in LIFE. The little moments you don’t think are important, this one turns it into art you’ll love. With hundreds of adorable illustrations about the every-day moments in life – it is harrrrrd to not to keep scrolling through her page. You’ll see what I am talking about, check these out! Something to learn, you know. Lingvistov.com – Visit our online shop! #funny #illustration #doodle #drawing #cute #quotes #jokes #comics #comicforsale #doodlesofinstagram #sarcasm #art #artoftheday #goodmorning #morningpost #morningpost #socks #single #relationshipstatus #giftshop #giftsforhim #giftsforher #lingvistov A post shared by Lingvistov (@lingvistov) on…Continue Reading

18 Hilarious Comics On Friendship That’ll Have You Calling Your BFF Right Up

Friends, amirite? The random strangers we like, and decide to make our own. The crazy, bizarre weirdos who match our crazy, bizarre weirdness to perfection. Honestly, what would our silly little lives even be without the friends we love, admire and annoy? Which is why I cracked up so hard when I came across artist timmeroh and his series of truly wacky comics that well, pretty much sum up the insanity of my life that I would share with no one but the bunch of people I like to call ‘friends’. Check ’em out! When it doesn’t take them much…Continue Reading

10 Netflix Series You Shouldn’t Miss, No Matter What!

Netflix is the greatest thing to have happened to India since…umm… I can’t remember the last time when this country was having a really good time. But you get the drift, don’t you? There’s a lot going on in our newspapers and in our houses. Switch off reality, take a plunge into the world of fantasy and secure yourself some happiness. Altered Carbon Release date: 2nd February 2018No. of seasons: 1IMDB rating: 8.2/10 “No body lives forever.” ‘Futures driven by insane technological advances’ is the new favourite trope for TV shows. In Altered Carbon, death is only physical. The concept…Continue Reading

21 Problems Every Curly Haired Girl Knows Too Well

Do images of shiny, golden-haired girls running through sunlit fields cross your mind when you think of girls with curly hair? Or of girls with chestnut curls strumming some tunes in a quaint cafe? REALITY CHECK- Those glorious, bouncing, wholesome curls you see in advertisements and movies do NOT give you any kind of glimpse in our real, heartache- filled life. Everyday is a different day with different problems. Having naturally curly hair is both a boon and a curse. Sure, we learn to love it and try hundreds of products in the hope of taming it one day, but…Continue Reading

15 Simply Hilarious Comics We Dare You To Scroll Past Without LOLing

Who doesn’t love a series of comics that not only make you laugh your ass off but also challenge your intelligence? I guess, humor goes perfectly well with a punch of sass. I love spending my time on a clever comic that turns my brain cogs and wants me to take a second to figure out what is going on. Tu and Ted, a comic account on Instagram, is a beautiful marriage of perspective and comedy and I dare you to scroll past these 15 images without laughing even once. Just walking the dog. WALKING THE DOG by @tuandted ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂…Continue Reading

21 Hilarious Comics That’ll Make You Wonder Why You Relate To Them SO Much

Why do we love memes, guys? Well, mostly because they show us who we really are. And because we love seeing how we’re not the only ones doing all sorts of insane, crazy and weird stuff in our lives. There’s a community of weird that loves the fact that EVERYONE else is weird too. Artist Cee who goes by Instagram handle RelatableDoodles has no qualms about showing off the hilarious side of daily life that is so gosh darn relatable, it will have you cracking up going “Damn, I do that ALL the time!” Have fun! I’m. Always. Tired. ??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!…Continue Reading

25 Comics About The Crazy, Hilarious Conversations We Have With Our Friends

Sometimes I have the weirdest conversations with my friends, and think about how if anyone heard us, they’d probably think we’re batshit crazy. They won’t be wrong. But ehh, it’s probably best if they don’t hear us. Artist Dre, however, doesn’t give a crap about all that. She and her bunch of equally insane friends say the weirdest stuff, and like a good artist, she draws them all out in these hilarious comics. Well…at least they’re honest. I may not be cool but I got gr8 friends #comic A post shared by Art and Comics by Dre (@randomninjakitty) on Sep…Continue Reading

17 Adorable Comics That Show What It’s Like When Two Silly People Fall In Love

I’ve always wanted love to be fun. Not just chocolates, dates and serious relationship stuff, but actual, honest fun. Someone I can crack lame jokes with, someone I can annoy endlessly, someone I can be truly, properly silly with. If that sounds like something you’ve always wanted too, you’re in the right place. Because artist Abigail Claire knows EXACTLY what that’s like, and she draws the most adorable comics about this silly, wonderful relationship of hers. Check them out! When you give them a chance to make fun of you! Jokes > Opportunity for romance Their opinion matters…except when it…Continue Reading

17 Comics For Everyone Who’s Had Enough Of The World’s Crap

Okay, let me start by saying what you already know – the world can be full of crap. Some days, I take a deep breath, nod my head and muster up enough patience to deal with it. And then there are days when hell no, I’m not putting up with any more bullsh*t, you hear me, world? Well, from the looks of it, artist Weinye agrees with the latter philosophy too. Here are 17 of her comics. where she does what the rest of us wish we could do – refuses to put up with the world’s crap! Ugh, “good…Continue Reading