Lust Stories Is Honest & Funny, And Here’s Why We ALL Need To Watch It

Writing a story and entertaining people is no joke and it’s a struggle that many directors of our country go through. Considering Bollywood and the way it has evolved, it’s safe to say that we are NOT heading in the right direction. What we once called classic cinema is now being shredded and broken into pieces. Sounds brutal but it is the reality! What’s the problem you ask? Too much glamour and commercialization. The moment filmmakers start talking about money and the ratings of a movie, it’s meant to be doomed (unless the story-line is exceptional). In a scenario like…Continue Reading

10 Netflix Series You Shouldn’t Miss, No Matter What!

Netflix is the greatest thing to have happened to India since…umm… I can’t remember the last time when this country was having a really good time. But you get the drift, don’t you? There’s a lot going on in our newspapers and in our houses. Switch off reality, take a plunge into the world of fantasy and secure yourself some happiness. Altered Carbon Release date: 2nd February 2018No. of seasons: 1IMDB rating: 8.2/10 “No body lives forever.” ‘Futures driven by insane technological advances’ is the new favourite trope for TV shows. In Altered Carbon, death is only physical. The concept…Continue Reading

If You Didn’t LOL At These 14 Bollywood Scenes, Then You’re Dead On The Inside

I’m not the happiest person to be around. Really. Smiles appear once every 300 years, and most of them when I’m in front of a screen. When I’m watching brilliantly written scenes that make even my resting bitch-face crack up. So if you’re having a bad day, and simply want to LOL your way through it: here you go. And if you don’t LOL at this, then maybe you’ve forgotten how to laugh. When Veeru drunkenly stood on the water tower when Basanti rejected his proposal in ‘Sholay’. Jai literally giving zero fucks added to the scene. When Geet loses…Continue Reading

This New Web Series About Girls Trying To “Adult” Is Honestly The Best. Thing. EVER.

Raise your hand if you’re newly-independent and living the adult life but have NO IDEA what’s happening. Yeppp, you’re not alone, my friend. This one-way ticket from teenage to ‘Adulting’ has all of us equally confused. With all that freedom and the opportunity to do whatever-the-hell you want, also come (drum roll)… RESPONSIBILITIES. Yep, those horrible things. With the freedom comes the need to stay socially relevant, look great (because DUH), chase your dreams…and pay rent. Dice Media’s new web series is exactly about those woes. Introducing Aisha Ahmed as ‘Nikhat’ and Yashaswini Dayama as ‘Ray’, this new trailer looks…Continue Reading

Friends – The Family I’ll Always Choose Over Romance

There is little in this world that friendship didn’t give me. My friends stood by me when the world refused to, sometimes even when my family didn’t know how. They understood my bits and showed me the way. Romantic love can’t come close to what friendships offer. It isn’t an exchange; you give your heart expecting nothing. What’s more beautiful than that? Here’s to friends who kept their spine and stood by me when no one else did. You’re the family I choose, chose and will forever keep. We aren’t bonded by some kind of weird obligation, you’re completely and…Continue Reading

13 Incredible Things That Made “Khichdi” The Comedy Classic We Love Today

I know for a fact that my childhood would have been far less entertaining if it weren’t for this wonderful little show they call Khichdi. And as I grew up, I realised I wasn’t alone in all the affection I felt towards this gem! Today, the show has firmly established itself as a comedy classic, the likes of which we haven’t seen in years. So, why is that? Why has the show gained the status of a cult comedy classic? Well, here I am to tell you just why Khichdi deserves all the love it gets from an entire generation.…Continue Reading

20 Hilarious AF Comics That’ll Make You Want To Yank Your Hair Out

I’m a sucker for the internet, and honestly, though I have soooooo many things I need to do – you’ll still find me active on Instagram 24×7. BUT in my defense, I also do cool things like curate cool things for cool readers of mine (yeah you, don’t blush). And so here I am once again with one of my favorites – Safety Endangered Comics. They’re witty, hilarious AF and sometimes SERIOUSLY frustrating. Check ’em out. Who’s a bad boyyyyy… I’ll be at Liverpool Comic Con all weekend A post shared by Safely Endangered Comics (@safely_endangered) on Mar 9, 2018…Continue Reading

15 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Grew Up With A Savage Desi Mom

Namaste people. My name is Farishte, and I spent 9 months in my mom’s womb, as she regularly likes to remind me. And I spent a bunch of months pooping all over the place while she patiently resisted the urge to kill me, something else she likes to regularly remind me of. As you may have guessed, my mom is as savage and as desi as they come. In fact, I’m pretty sure someone spied on my house before making this (of course, she mostly just does this to scare me): #desimemes #desibanter #desitings #truethat #punjabimemes #punjabitings #punjabicomedy #comedy #asianmemes…Continue Reading

19 Signs You’re Addicted To Memes (And No, You Don’t Need Help)

Heeeeeey, guys!!! My name is Farishte and I do a lot of thing. I write. I stalk people on the internet. And I share a lot of memes. A lot. I mean, not a lot by my standards, but a lot by the standards of all the normies I know. I also sometimes make them. This is real footage of my computer (well…real footage of someone else’s computer that makes me feel less like a freak) that somehow made its way to a #relatable meme: Whose computer is this? Tag a meme addict! #tagafriend #tagyourfriend #tagyourfriends #tagfriend #meme #memeaddict #addictedtomemes…Continue Reading

10 Bollywood Movies That Were Really Funny WITHOUT Being Offensive

They say that “dying is easy, comedy is hard”. And boy, are they right about that! Getting someone to shed a tear over a sad story might not be as tough as getting an entire room to laugh at the same joke. Which is why Bollywood often resorts to the same old, tried and tested stereotypes – overacting and cheap humour, and then presents that combination in the name of “comedy”. As long as someone is laughing, who cares, right? Well thankfully, Bollywood has also had its share of comedies that believe in taking the high (quality) road and making…Continue Reading