11 Jennifer Lawrence Traits That Show Us She’s Adorable, Funny, And A Total Slayer

Okay, so whilst we were all celebrating our country’s independence, there was one amazing human who bombed this earth, 26 years ago. The skies probably farted a few rainbows and there was rain-laughter because I am dead sure she was born giggling out of her mum’s womb. She’s total sass. An other-worldly human who says “FOOD” like people say “GOD”, she kills cinema with her badass performances. Ladies and gents, please put your hands together for Jennifer Lawrence (*whistles and manic cheering*). She stole the show with Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. She gave the world a run for…Continue Reading

8 Saif Ali Khan Traits That Every Woman Looks For In Her Man

Nawab Saab needs no introduction. Just his name can ring some of the most entertaining memories of our childhoods. Be it those long-haired bro-moments with Akshay Kumar or just that incredible confidence with which he danced to Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein. Can you guess how long it’s been since our beloved Saifu turned up onscreen and threw us party after party? Seems immortal already, doesn’t he? But it wasn’t always easy for this Khan here. Success did not come easily and yet, he strived, determined to let nothing get in his way. The 90’s seemed pretty blah for his cinematic…Continue Reading

8 Ways In Which Priyanka Chopra Has Proved Recently That She IS The Definition Of Feminism

Get over Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce. There’s one bomb of a human around here who is slaying it with her magnificence. S.L.A.Y.I.N.G it. (I want to just keep saying the word on repeat because my atoms are so thoroughly inspired by hers.) From being Miss World (2000) to rocking world cinema with work that is becoming legendary, Priyanka Chopra is no mean feat. But it is her thoughts that define her more than her fame. Yes, she is an absolutely brilliant actor, no doubt. But she is also a power-packed human breaking petty stereotypes, standing up for girl…Continue Reading

8 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Proved He’s A Terrific Human Being And Made Us All Fall In Love With Him

Euro 2016 final, the worst time for an injury. You could hear the hearts of the Portugal fans snap when Cristiano Ronaldo was being taken off-field. His knee failed him, but his teammates did not. We all know how the game went. And we were hooting when the 109th minute arrived. The 31-year-old football legend has been accused of vanity, arrogance, and pride. But what his haters do not know is that he’s been named the world’s most charitable sports person. He topped DoSomething.org’s Athletes Gone Good list in 2015. And like it or not, his attitude is what makes…Continue Reading

8 Angelina Jolie Personality Traits That Have Us Crushing On Her, Always And Forever

There are those few revolutionary humans, those few rare souls that can stir the light inside you. They can make your heart thump by the sheer beauty of theirs. They can make heads turn by a single act of kindness. They lift your spirit and tempt you to do a star jump with just a sliver of a smile. They are those rare fuzz balls of awesomeness that the Universe smugly presents, once in a lifetime. On June 4th, 1975, one such extraordinary creature was born to Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight. From bagging an Oscar to fighting for refugee…Continue Reading

These 15 Super-Attractive Celebrities With Squint Eyes Prove That Imperfection Is Beautiful, In Every Form

We keep running to achieve perfection all the time. In our work, in our relationships, in the way we dress up. But while being ambitious is great, embracing imperfections is important too. I love flawlessness. But there’s something undeniably beautiful about scars. Raw, imperfect beauty is more real; flawless seems plastic sometimes. And if you pay close attention to details, you’ll learn that some of the most desirable people in the world,are more so because of their imperfections. So, here are some ultra gorgeous celebrities, who we bet you didn’t know had squint eyes! If someone is too perfect they…Continue Reading