Heal With The Power Of Reading: 6 Reasons You Should Be Reading Marian Keyes

Books and words, they have the power to make you go through the days of high tide with your head held high. The stories are the shield that protects you from the jibes of the world, while the characters form a bond which even living beings fail to. An the best books belong to the authors who have a real knack of delivering the most complex messages, in the simplest manner. One such writer is Marian Keyes. When you read her blurbs, she comes across as a simple chic-lit writer who can make you smile with her stories. But, it…Continue Reading

What Book Lovers ACTUALLY Mean When They Say These 10 Things (…)

Do you have friends who love reading and at the same time always find excuses to stay at home? For starters, this is a very common phenomenon, as reading can be a bit of a solitary activity. Most book lovers spend hours upon hours in bed, or at home, buried deep in the fictional realm. And while that may seem abnormal to others, it is their way of relaxing and rejuvenating in life. Some people might not get it but for hardcore readers, books aren’t just an activity or a hobby. Books are a way of life! And here’s a…Continue Reading

20 Illustrated Quotes That Show You The Beauty and Power Of Being Broken

I stumbled upon an Instagram account this weekend and let me tell you, it was within the first 30 seconds that I followed the artist. If there is one thing you should know about me it’s this: I don’t follow a whole lot of people on social media. What was it about ‘Broken Isn’t Bad’ that made me almost instantenously click that ‘Follow’ button? Firstly, the illustrations simply capture your eye. They are bold, provocative and have a grand ‘fuck-you’ vibe to them. Secondly, each illustration is then followed by a single quote that makes you pause and reflect. And…Continue Reading

20 Of The Greatest Books…All Under 200 Pages!

Did you know that the Japanese have a word for when we keep buying books, and never end up reading them? Because it’s a universal feeling! And more often than not, it’s the bulk of those pages staring at us from their corners on the bookshelf that makes us hesitant to pick them up at all. Books, reading and cherishing them, is a commitment. But if you think that you aren’t ready for a long one, here are 20 classic books under 200 pages that will make for the perfect quick read you’re looking for! Of Mice and Men by…Continue Reading

19 Beautiful Tattoos That Will Melt The Heart Of Every Book Lover

My idea of a happening weekend is snuggling in and reading AS MANY books as possible. Before you get on my case about parties and “experiencing life”, here me out: books take you to a million different worlds. A million different parties – all with words that’ll leave you enthralled. So yes, I’m a booklover. And yes, I love books enough to get inked for them – a reminder of the magic I hold on to, even on the drabbest of days. This honest truth. vintage books I did on the beautiful @savannah.allison #books #bookworm #booktattoo #jkrowling #georgerrmartin #johngreen #tattoo…Continue Reading

12 Quotes From Children’s Books That Are Great Advice No Matter Your Age

It’s strange, almost wonderfully so, how we come to love and understand certain things as we grow older. Sometimes we stumble, sometimes we struggle, but incredibly, some words from our childhood come to mean more than they ever did before. Because you see, what people see as happy, frilly, nonsensical mumbles in children’s books, are actually some of the deepest truths of the world. Here are 12 of the greatest quotes from children’s books that are actually great advice on adulting. Designs by Akanksha Dhyani. On reaching out for the opportunities you want. On learning from your mistakes. On taking…Continue Reading

18 Books That Were Brilliantly Adapted Into Great Movies

I’m a very “visual” reader. When reading a book, I love taking a moment every now and then to imagine and picturise the setting and characters in my head. But you know what I love more? Watching a book materialise into a visual treat in front of my eyes – in the form of a great, satisfying movie. Adapting literature into cinema is a hard job, but here are 18 books that were successfully and oh-so-satisfyingly turned into brilliant movies! The Godfather by Mario Puzo This one is an evergreen classic. And for good reason. It had the great material…Continue Reading

21 Murakami Quotes On Love And Life That’ll Heal Your Soul

The first ever Haruki Murakami book I read was a collection of birthday short stories curated by him. A lot of the short stories were also written by him. I remember finishing the book off in a few days and sitting there stunned. See, Murakami isn’t your typical modern writer. He doesn’t use fancy metaphors or blow you away with his vocabulary. This brilliant Japanese author goes with simple observations, and language that’s even simpler. But in the simplicity of it all, his words have the power to captivate and heal. Silver linings. To the star that lights up your…Continue Reading

13 Things You Know To Be True If Your Soulmate Is A Fictional Character

Finding true love is difficult. Most of us spend our entire lives searching and, ultimately, settling. But then a few of us are lucky to find our true loves without downloading Tinder/ going on blind dates/ having those painfully awkward first dates/ sitting down for family approved chai with a person your parents picked out for you. Some of us find true love in the comfort of our homes while binge-watching or binge-reading. Of course, normal humans call them ‘fictional characters’, but you know better, don’t you? You now have proof that the love you deserve is out of this…Continue Reading

11 Movie Adaptations That Actually Had Me Saying “The Book Was So Much Better”

I have seen some of my favorite stories being butchered as they turned into films. (That’s where all the pent up anger is coming from.) I have seen all the magic they hold just die when filmmakers decide to reduce an entire series of pure awesome into one single, romantic aspect. Ah! The agony, ladies, and gents, cannot be explained. I remember weeping on the inside when I saw how people judged some really beautiful books on their lame-ass filmy versions. So, here I am today, asking for some payback time. And I ain’t going to be nice about it.…Continue Reading