7 Quotes From Devdutt Pattanaik’s ‘Shyam’ That’ll Make You Want To Read It Right Now!

As kids, they were just stories. Stories of a charming boy called Krishna, who grew up to become a fascinating figure and went on to achieve impossible feats. But as you grow up and take another look at these childhood stories, you realise just how much there is to them that you haven’t ever considered. An entire, expansive mythology with universal themes, intricate character details and most importantly, lessons that lend themselves into the modern life as well. If there is a man who knows how to brilliantly mould mythology into the most suitable retelling for the modern readership, it…Continue Reading

Heal With The Power Of Reading: 6 Reasons You Should Be Reading Marian Keyes

Books and words, they have the power to make you go through the days of high tide with your head held high. The stories are the shield that protects you from the jibes of the world, while the characters form a bond which even living beings fail to. An the best books belong to the authors who have a real knack of delivering the most complex messages, in the simplest manner. One such writer is Marian Keyes. When you read her blurbs, she comes across as a simple chic-lit writer who can make you smile with her stories. But, it…Continue Reading

This Small Book Business Helps You Meet The Book Of Your Destiny (WHAAAT!)

A couple of weeks ago, I received an Instagram DM from a lady named Shariya Aman. She had been following my work for a while and she told me that she ran a small book business. The mention of books instantly caught my attention. Shariya told me about how she believed each one of us had a book destined for us. This book, as unexpected as it may seem, was out there, waiting for us to take notice. What Shariya and her team did was to seal the distance between that destined book and its reader. I was trembling with…Continue Reading

Easy-To-Read Books That’ll Be Your Perfect Monsoon Pick – Part I

Rains bring a plethora of emotions with it. There is something about the outpour of water droplets from the sky above that makes one contemplate every aspect of life under it, or maybe just take a backseat from the otherwise rushing stream of life. But for us readers, rains are just another reason to curl up with a book, with a steaming mug of coffee. However, there are certain stories which perfectly match up to the mood of monsoon, and here I am, presenting the same to you. So pick up those pens and pads comrades, for here I am…Continue Reading

Easy-To-Read Books That’ll Be Your Perfect Monsoon Picks – Part II

What? Did you think we were done with the first list of monsoon reads? Nah, we are just beginning to catch your attention. Books and our love for them is never-ending, and Mumbai monsoons do elevate the feeling, what with all those last minute offs from work due to rains that are continuous. But the reader inside you can never get bored, if you have that perfect story in hand. So here we are, continuing where we last left off, with some more interesting books for you that can be your perfect monsoon picks. 1. Murder Of Roger Ackroyd, Agatha…Continue Reading

20 Of The Greatest Books…All Under 200 Pages!

Did you know that the Japanese have a word for when we keep buying books, and never end up reading them? Because it’s a universal feeling! And more often than not, it’s the bulk of those pages staring at us from their corners on the bookshelf that makes us hesitant to pick them up at all. Books, reading and cherishing them, is a commitment. But if you think that you aren’t ready for a long one, here are 20 classic books under 200 pages that will make for the perfect quick read you’re looking for! Of Mice and Men by…Continue Reading

18 Books That Were Brilliantly Adapted Into Great Movies

I’m a very “visual” reader. When reading a book, I love taking a moment every now and then to imagine and picturise the setting and characters in my head. But you know what I love more? Watching a book materialise into a visual treat in front of my eyes – in the form of a great, satisfying movie. Adapting literature into cinema is a hard job, but here are 18 books that were successfully and oh-so-satisfyingly turned into brilliant movies! The Godfather by Mario Puzo This one is an evergreen classic. And for good reason. It had the great material…Continue Reading

Sweet, Naughty, Funny: 10 Lesser-Known Romance Novel Series You’ll Love!

Love is what makes the world go round, love is what makes all the troubles worth it. I started reading as soon as I could figure out pages and the delight that came with those. The stories fascinated me, and as cliched as it may sound, I thrived on fairy tales and the magic that came along. I thrived in the whole Prince Charming concept, and still do. (And that does not come in the way of me being a feminist because, believe it or not, there do exist the charming guys who can sweep you off your feet without…Continue Reading

13 Reasons That Friendship Will Always Be Purer Than Romance

I never really understood those who gave up their friends for romance. Perhaps I haven’t yet found a romance that is all-consuming, perhaps I don’t want to. Because friendship, I believe, can never be replaced by any other relationship. And Ashok Chopra’s Memories Of Fire kinda reconfirmed this for me. A book based on the life of five friends, separated by communal beliefs, distance, time, and experiences. This book is proof that of all the things we do, being a friend might be the greatest. It’s a bond that survives through the ages, regardless of fickle 6things like chemistry and…Continue Reading