7 Quotes From Devdutt Pattanaik’s ‘Shyam’ That’ll Make You Want To Read It Right Now!

As kids, they were just stories. Stories of a charming boy called Krishna, who grew up to become a fascinating figure and went on to achieve impossible feats. But as you grow up and take another look at these childhood stories, you realise just how much there is to them that you haven’t ever considered. An entire, expansive mythology with universal themes, intricate character details and most importantly, lessons that lend themselves into the modern life as well. If there is a man who knows how to brilliantly mould mythology into the most suitable retelling for the modern readership, it…Continue Reading

This Small Book Business Helps You Meet The Book Of Your Destiny (WHAAAT!)

A couple of weeks ago, I received an Instagram DM from a lady named Shariya Aman. She had been following my work for a while and she told me that she ran a small book business. The mention of books instantly caught my attention. Shariya told me about how she believed each one of us had a book destined for us. This book, as unexpected as it may seem, was out there, waiting for us to take notice. What Shariya and her team did was to seal the distance between that destined book and its reader. I was trembling with…Continue Reading

15 Bookish Quotes Every Book Lover Will Swear By (Sniffs A Page)

I think the first time we readers encountered a good book, it shattered us right through…in all the good ways possible. Suddenly, we have a new pair of eyes to gaze and understand the world with. We’d seek fellow readers and more often than not, try to gauge the title of a book that was being read by someone in a train/bus. We’d wait to finally meet someone who’d read the same books as we had and to indulge in bookish conversations for hours on end. If books are the first loves of your life, these 15 quotes will make…Continue Reading

11 Movie Adaptations That Actually Had Me Saying “The Book Was So Much Better”

I have seen some of my favorite stories being butchered as they turned into films. (That’s where all the pent up anger is coming from.) I have seen all the magic they hold just die when filmmakers decide to reduce an entire series of pure awesome into one single, romantic aspect. Ah! The agony, ladies, and gents, cannot be explained. I remember weeping on the inside when I saw how people judged some really beautiful books on their lame-ass filmy versions. So, here I am today, asking for some payback time. And I ain’t going to be nice about it.…Continue Reading

9 Things To Do If You Are Going Through A Reader’s Block

Here I am, a good month into picking up and putting down I-cannot-even-begin-to-remember how many books. The reading slump is all over me, claws out and gleeful, knowing I cannot beat it just yet. Ah, I have met it before. We keep having our frustrated little battles now and then. I can easily label it as the worst feeling on this planet after heartbreak. Downright ugly. Because if you love books, and I mean that mad, insane, eternal love, a reader’s block can be pretty damn hard. Especially when you know there are all those stories sitting out there, batting…Continue Reading