15 Things You Get If EVERYONE Thinks You’re Dating Your Best Friend

So, I’m single. But the world has mistaken me for taken multiple times. I mean, most people I know think I’m dating my best friend (s), mostly because I spend time with them. And the thing is: I’m not. And people thinking I’m dating them doesn’t help change my single status. On the plus side though: I have friends who could rival #RelationshipGoals. If you’ve experienced the “WAIT YOU AREN’T DATING YOUR FRIEND?!”, then this is for you. Your parents keep trying to get you married off to him/her, and have probaaaably legit discussed it with you. People magically appear…Continue Reading

This Desi Artist Is Turning Your Life Into Art, & It’ll Make You Think

Did you grow up wanting and knowing that you’ll be able to do a million things with your talent? Yeeep. Neither did I. But Avinash Jai Singh did. See, I came across Avinash’s art as a part of the Uncover project, and immediately fell in love with it. His work is surreal, deceptively bright, and most of all: it looks like pages out of a millennial’s life. The most impressive bit? He DOES IT ALL. From photography to film-making to illustrations. Like I said, he grew up wanting and knowing that he’d be able to do a million things with…Continue Reading

19 GORGEOUS Anita Dongre Outfits That’ll Help You Move Over Sabyasachi

I am a die-hard Sabyasachi fan, but I’ve learnt to appreciate other people who make equally beeaaauuuttiifooooll clothes. Take Anita Dongre for example. Given a choice, I’d love to adorn all of Dongre’s outfits which are basically, beautiful creations dunked in pastels and sequins. Also, her indo-western pieces make my eyes pop hearts, every single time. Enough about why I love Dongre clothes and time to let you see them for yourselves. (Try NOT to lust over them.) 1. Hello, sunshine and frills. SIGH. The colour of sweet blossoms, ‘blush’ is our favourite this season. Crafted with love, we present…Continue Reading

31 Beautiful, Raw Photos That Prove No One Does Weddings Like Us Indians!

I grew up watching waaaaaaay too many romantic movies. Movies that had me wishing for a fancy, foreign, white wedding. But then I actually started attending weddings and I quickly realised that traditional Indian weddings, with all their fun, music and colours is where the REAL goals are at. See, Indian weddings aren’t just a celebration of love – they’re a celebration of family, of lifetimes spent together, of fun, promises and new beginnings. They’re everything weddings are supposed to be, and honestly – they make me want to have one even though I’M NO WHERE CLOSE TO READY. AT…Continue Reading

29 Tiny Poems For Every Rebel Who Feels Too Much

In recent years, I’ve started finding solace in words. In words of people who seem to reach across continents, bring peace to my mind and make me feel just a little less alone. So when I came across the Instagram account of Vinati, my soul did a little dance. See, Vinati’s poems calm me down. But they also have me feeling a little braver, like all the times I break the rules and stand up for myself are worth it. Her book Udari is quite possibly one of my most treasured possessions, and also – you’re welcome. See your own…Continue Reading

29 Simple, Meaningful Tattoos You Should Get With Your Soulmate

Commitment, when you’ve found the right person, isn’t scary. There’s a sense of calm that comes with knowing that your heart has now found a home, that you’ve found your ‘person’, that your soul has found its mate. And what better way to celebrate the rest of your life than to get something permanent? And no, I’m not talking about a wedding. I’m talking about a tattoo – those often subtle reminders of your love that’ll stick by through thick and thin. Hold my hand, let’s see where we wake up tomorrow. An anchored ocean. My .. #couple #love #tattoo…Continue Reading

25 Beautiful, Raw Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Believe In Love Again

I always thought weddings made for exhausting evenings of fake-smiling in uncomfortable clothes. Or at least that’s what I learned from well…every romantic comedy EVER. But then the internet proved me wrong. Of course, I haven’t gotten married yet, but I’m guessing that it’s not all fake smiles. That the hopeless, romantic part of romantic-comedies…well that’s true. Of course, I also learned that almost everything’s better in black and white. Even true love. A moment, forever captured. Newlyweds, just after sharing “I dos.” // All the emotions G & E, Mumbai #momentbytws #firstdance  #bride #laughter #whitewedding #weddingsalad  #theweddingsalad #weddingphotography #indearinspired #maharaniweddings  #huffpostido #soloverly #wedmegood  #bridebook  #vogueindia #instawedding #asianbridesblog #weddingsutra#junebug #junebugweddings #weddedwonderland #shaadisaga  #bridalfashion  #asianawedding #dulhaniamag…Continue Reading

These 10 Instagram Artists Turn The ‘Everyday’ Into Magic

Some kinds of art hold the power to change who you are. Creating something has always been therapeutic for me. Until recently, my universe had only been shaken by books, movies, or the occasional Tanmay Bhat Snapchat segment. A few months ago, I started painting again. It led me to these artists who, I promise, are nothing short of Human Hogwarts. Warning: These pictures could potentially change your life. Juliette Arbic Medusa #blackwork #tattoo #inkdrawing #draw #drawing #drawingoftheday #tattoooftheday #blackandwhite #micron #inkdrawing #pencil #pencildrawing #medusa #tattoos #art #dessin #illustration #ink A post shared by Juliette Abric (@juliette_la_crevette) on Aug 30,…Continue Reading