19 Awesome Things You Learn When Your Best Friend Is A Proud Weirdo

Guys, they say that our friends define who we are. And I can’t even say “nuh-uh” to that, because I picked up saying “nuh-uh” from my weirdo friend who says it ALL THE TIME! And truth be told, I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you ask me, everyone needs a precious weirdo in their life to make life more fun, adventurous and absolutely insane! They are the people who give the least amount of f**ks and somewhere along the line, teach you how to do it too! The world calls them all sorts of things, but it doesn’t…Continue Reading

Why I Want A Best Friend, Before A Lover

“Love is friendship set on fire.” I grew up hearing this. That love is electrifying touches and magical kisses. That love is better than friendship. The princess never longed for a best friend, she longed for a prince to save her from the fire-breathing dragon. Of course, all we read about was that beautiful ‘first dance’. You know, the waltz that leaves you breathless, hearts beating beautifully in sync. Followed by whispers of “you complete me”, as if we humans, with our flaws and dreams, aren’t complete in ourselves. As if we’re a puzzle with a missing piece, broken without…Continue Reading

When You Ain’t Got Cash, But Definitely Got The Bestest Best Friend Ever!

Some people have money, and some people have amazing memories. Some have neither. Like me. Which means that somewhere in the middle of TRYING to save some dough, and paying bills, things like birthdays (including my own) slip away. But when you have the best friends in the world, who value making memories over making moolah, there will always be a way to make things special, won’t there? Take Ray, for instance. She’s broke, and after spending a fortune on Justin Beiber concert tickets, broke AND disappointed. So maybe her roommate and BFF Nikhat’s birthday slipped off her mind. But…Continue Reading

18 Tiny, Loving Messages For The People In Your Life Who Matter Most

They say that some feelings must be simply understood, because they can’t be put in words. Okay, fair enough. But what if we do have the words to express those feelings? Even someone like me who writes for a living fails to come up with the words to tell the people I care for, just how much I love them. But sometimes, you don’t need elaborate words. Just a simple little note that tells your family, your friends, your loved ones just how awesome they are and how much they matter to you. It really makes a difference. And hence,…Continue Reading

To The Friends I Want To Grow Old With, Thank You For You

I wish they’d taught us, as children, to applaud friendship as much as to want true love. It’s only upon growing up and having our hearts broken a few times that we begin to understand how phenomenal our friends truly are. Somehow, I used to mark the days when I encountered the romantic loves of my life. But today, sitting here, I wish I had marked the days when I first met my to-be-best-friends. Well, it’s better late than never. This one’s for three of the most beautiful souls I have had the honour of knowing. My best friends have…Continue Reading

The Adorable Joys Of Dating Your Best Friend – In 25 Cute Comics!

We all look for love in our own different ways. And sometimes, we stumble upon a kind of love that is funnier, goofier and more adorable than we could have ever hoped for. Take artist Sarah Graley, for example. I meant to update the shop tonight but now it’s updating tomorrow at 7PM GMT!! Adding a bunch of new merch and also some Christmas deals, so keep your peepers peeled. Meanwhile to tide y’all over, here are some dumb minion pics of me and Stef!! Neither of us have seen Minions but like, I wouldn’t not watch it. A post…Continue Reading

He May Be The Love Of My Life, But My Girlfriends Will Always Be My Soulmates

You’re home. The air we breathe, the space around us is my home. I always imagined my soulmate, with eyes that saw and loved my flaws, telling me that sort of thing. I always imagined the broken pieces of me being put back together with romance, endless kisses, and a love that left me breathless. I always imagined finding my Prince Charming, someone who would ride into battle to fight my demons with me. I always imagined a pretty love story, with pretty words and prettier endings. Here’s what the fairy tales don’t tell you: Prince Charming will leave you…Continue Reading

20 Challenges Of Being A Happy Person With Very Mean Friends

My team at work is a bunch of dank humans. The day I joined my new workplace, I felt like a bright, springy pup surrounded by people who were scared by the happiness I was exuding. It’s not like they are a sad group of people. But they’re not just used to having someone around who’s consistently happy. Even my reaction to my bad days seems to stun them. And while I totally get the “to each to his own” idiom, I am just mostly struggling to contain my happiness so as to not freak people out further. I love…Continue Reading

21 Things I Learned From My BFF About Life, Love And Everything In Between

I have a soulmate for a best friend. Trust me, nothing gets better than this. She’s the one I send an SOS to when I am having a minor breakdown or the one I call when I’m craving pizza. There’s no in-between. In fact, like most BFFs we too have a pact: if none of us are married till we’re 40, we’re going to take each other as bride and bride (my BFF’s a she). In the last 4 years of knowing her, my world has toppled over, for the better. She’s seen my worst and loved my atoms hard…Continue Reading

19 Milestones You Absolutely NEED To Cross With Your Bestie

You’ve found your best friend. Someone you KNOW will stick by you, no matter what. And you’ve done stuff with them that you never thought you’d ever be comfortable enough to do. You’ve made memories. And this? This list will just have you making even MORE memories. It’s the best(ie) bucket list! Taking that dream trip abroad together. And I mean JUST with your best friend/friends. No other company. Your bestie can only make your dream trip better. Exploring a new city together. Your bestie can make even the most boring city fun. And a fun city, even more fun!…Continue Reading