13 Photos That Prove No One Should Live In Mumbai. EVER.

I’ve been living in Mumbai for 7 years. And it’s not been an easy 7 years. It’s mostly been me getting lost in local trains and struggling to get myself heard in crowds. It’s also been me finding myself, falling in love with the life around me, and discovering that maybe, just maybe, this city is more than too much pollution and too many people. LOL, that’s until I came across these photos and learnt otherwise. In the interest of full disclosure, I sometimes cannot see properly cause my glasses get all dirty and blurred up. That may or may…Continue Reading

12 Beautiful Quotes That Will Assure You That Love Is Inevitable

Oh! ‘Tis the season of romance! Time to kiss, kiss, kiss and let all your troubles glide off your back. It is time to cuddle up and watch movies, or to pack picnic baskets for dates. Time to read cute love notes, or better, to write them. With the season of love, what follows is a feeling of constant dread, of a stinging loneliness. It is easy to lose heart when everyone around you is kissing under the tree, while you’re stuck beating your own drum. Don’t worry, there’s a time for this, and a time for that. Read these…Continue Reading

15 Romantic Song Lyrics That Make For Incredible Love Poems

Somethings in life were simply put there so we could deal with the other bad things. The magical experiences, the memories, the poetry and the music to go with it. Here are a few such magical song lyrics that will tug at your heart. Nothing less than honest poetry. The grandness of this. Iris – Goo Goo Dolls This sweet promise. All I Want Is You – U2 And honesty. Walking After You – Foo Fighters A broken lover. Explosions – Ellie Goulding And the will to fight. Work Song – Hozier The little things. Until The Last Falling Star…Continue Reading

10 Beautiful Quotes By Hafez That Speak The Honest Truth About Love

There’s something about beautifully woven words. Some people just have that magic in their souls, the talent to lay out the rawest of truths and spin them into poetry. Persian poet Hafez, or Khwāja Shams-ud-Dīn Muḥammad Ḥāfeẓ-e Shīrāzī (woah, right!) was one of those gifted people. He said things all of us wanted to hear, and to this day, we cherish them. This simply grand romance… And the answer to all questions. No more, no less. If only we could all see the light that is within us. None, I say. One day… *sigh* This: What we deserve is what…Continue Reading

31 Beautifully Intricate Mehendi Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

I’ve always loved mehendi. It was literally my favourite thing about weddings till I found out that Parsis, traditionally, don’t really wear mehendi. Of course, that didn’t stop me from getting it done whenever I could. So I decided to stalk every mehendi page I could find on social media and find photos that filled my soul with glee. And also, you’re welcome. *Replaces arm tattoo with this* The perfect balance of elaborate and simple. The only reason I want to get married, sigh. Voilà ! harleen chose to do a little more #traditional #Bridal #henna for her #sikhWedding love…Continue Reading

It Snowed In The Sahara FOR REAL, And The Photos Are Breathtaking

Remember that old joke we used to all crack? The one about it snowing in the Sahara? Well, guess what guys, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! After the Niagara Falls froze earlier this month, I realised that winter basically makes EVERYTHING beautiful. I mean, I mostly realised after I came across the photos of snowfall in the Sahara desert, proof that nature can surprise us in the best ways. Also, fun fact – this is only the third time in 40 years that its snowed in the Sahara. Honestly, it should happen more often. Can I go there already? #BAKUAFISHADAILY: Снег в…Continue Reading

15 Gorgeous Rooms That’ll Inspire You To Change Yours Completely

Be lazy with whatever, but not how your room looks. It is your safe space, the one place you get back to no matter where you’ve been and what you’ve been through – it should heal you. It should welcome you and remind you of everything you are. Stop throwing in random furniture and all that lifelessness, make it your temple of peace. Anyone who walks in should know exactly who you are just by the first look. So, are you basic? Yep, thought not. Check these beautiful settings and find the right inspiration: This little space that defines cozy…Continue Reading

15 Things You’ll Know To Be True If Nature Is Your Best Friend

You don’t find peace where everyone else does. If nature speaks to you more than anyone else, you’ll relate to these. Sometimes, you have a deeper connect with nature than others around you, in which case, these should describe you: You feel the most at peace when surrounded by nothing but the vastness of the earth. Oceans, mountains, forests, deserts : All four speak to you exactly the same. You have often been called a “tree” by your friends. You often find yourself sitting alone in a garden, or staring at the open sky. You hate closed spaces, your house…Continue Reading

20 Real Sabyasachi Brides Who Prove That He Is An Undisputed King

Weddings. You’re probably all against them, or can’t wait for your own. They’re such a huge leap in life, forward or backwards – depends on your decisions and luck. Me, well, I freakin’ love weddings. They’re so beautiful and happy – and a reminder of all things love. Now if ever I fall in love with someone (and hopefully they love me back), I’d like to look like a damn princess. Go ALL out. You best believe I will not walk down that aisle if it’s not in a Sabyasachi. Don’t get why? Wait, I gotchu. Look at this beauty,…Continue Reading

This Short Film Is The Cutest Thing You’ll Watch In 2017, And It’ll Make You Cry

Hi…(gulp)… I am a little emotional right now and my soul is curling up in the fetal position, ready to start weeping because I JUST WATCHED THE CUTEST SHORT FILM EVER. Cutest short film, what? CUTEST SHORT FILM OF ALL TIME. Yea – I am that soppy right now. Directed by Imtiaz Ali’s 15-year-old daughter, Ida Ali, this masterpiece manages to capture the delicate intricacies of young relationships. Boy meets girl, falls in love, things fall apart. The simplicity of the movie, and the tiny details of the story line make it a true delight to watch and experience. Wait…Continue Reading