Heal With The Power Of Reading: 6 Reasons You Should Be Reading Marian Keyes

Books and words, they have the power to make you go through the days of high tide with your head held high. The stories are the shield that protects you from the jibes of the world, while the characters form a bond which even living beings fail to. An the best books belong to the authors who have a real knack of delivering the most complex messages, in the simplest manner. One such writer is Marian Keyes. When you read her blurbs, she comes across as a simple chic-lit writer who can make you smile with her stories. But, it…Continue Reading

If Overthinking Has Ever Stopped You From Admiring Life, This Art Is For You

It is a wonderful thing to be self-aware, to have an understanding of who we are and what we believe in. But sometimes, as we lose ourselves in an analysis of our every word and action, it becomes hard to tell where our thoughts of self-awareness devolve into self-criticism. And self-criticism is one hell of a slippery slope. Artist María Sanoja found herself so absorbed in her self-critical thoughts one day that it led her to realise just how much she misses out on all the beauty around her. And that led her to create the project 100daysofoverthinking, whereby she…Continue Reading

25 Important Sketches That Reveal The Real, Untold Truths Of Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, we all like to believe we are a truly compassionate bunch, ready to accept, understand and embrace the strange workings of our mind. Indeed, millennials of today hold the special honour of being the first Indian generation to openly discuss mental health issues at all. But what if I told you that despite this fact, while one in five Indians might suffer from a mental health issue, only 10% of us ever seek help for it? And while social stigma has a huge role to play in these dismal figures, what keeps people from…Continue Reading

Breathe: The Importance of Taking A Break From The Noise of the World

You’re busy. I know. You have so many things you need to do. Even as you read this sentence, the shadows of all your tasks, expectations and responsibilities for this day, this week, this month, this year, loom large over your head. You’re busy, I know. And perhaps the last thing you need in the midst of the whirlwind that is your life, is someone telling you to “take a break”. As if it’s an option you had never considered before. It’s not that easy, you think. Because sometimes, it seems as if the world conspires to not spare you…Continue Reading

15 Memes That’ll Make Every Introvert LOL (Very Quietly)

Hello, my name is Farishte, and I’m an introvert. *stares at people hoping to avoid unnecessary interaction* Being an introvert is fun. It mostly just involves spending time with yourself (and loving it) and spending time with a few close friends (and loving that). And also, avoiding avoidable social interaction, because that’s EXHAUSTING. Now, the internet understands this, and gave us a whole bunch of hilariously relatable memes. So, my fellow introverts, let’s unite. Silently. *relates in silence* I might have done this. Once. Twice. A million times. #lol #funnypics #funnypictures #funnymemes #funnypics #introvertproblems #introvert #neighbors #memes #introvertmemes #lmao A…Continue Reading

15 Empowering Truths Every 20-Something With Anxiety Should Remember

I’ve been living with anxiety since the age of 17. Or at least that’s when I was suffering enough to know that something wasn’t quite right. Things changed as I entered my 20s, and along with that, my relationship with anxiety changed. Suddenly, I wasn’t an anxious teenager anymore- I was an anxious adult. I was expected to be better. Stronger. Less of the person my anxiety made me. I was fortunate to have someone to remind me of these seemingly simple, yet powerful things, though. You cannot control everything, and you are not expected to control everything. This applies…Continue Reading

My Anxiety And I Might Be Friends Someday, But Not Today

My anxiety and I are two unwilling roommates. We are like two frustrated souls in a loveless marriage. We share the same quarters, the humble abode of all my thoughts – my mind – but neither one of us knows how we got here. I’d like to believe I was here first. Because I vaguely but fondly remember a time when I used to roam these spaces in my mind alone – free, unchained, unbridled. I used to think only of cartoon characters, of where my next plateful of gajar ka halwa was going to come from, of my nanaji’s…Continue Reading

25 Powerful Illustrations That Will Show You The Reality Of Mental Illness

When people talk about anxiety or depression, for most of us, they only ever feel like heavy words. We aren’t aware of the humongous monsters mental illnesses can be. When we ask people to talk about their mental illness, we’re asking them to talk about the horrors that live in their head. And this may seem like the most natural suggestion to us, but for those who struggle, it’s an act of extreme courage. Sow Ay’s illustrations about this topic are not for the fainthearted. Be ready to be utterly paralysed with shock as you scroll through these 25 illustrations…Continue Reading

My Anxiety Will Always Exist, But It Will Never Win

I’ve had bad days. Days where my anxiety reduces my sentences to stutters. Days where fear clouds my vision, turning me blind to the life I lead. Days that seem like an uphill battle, one I’m too tired to fight. Days I become my anxiety. I suppose that’s the truth for anyone who is living with anxiety. That constant companion of worry, fear, self-doubt. Knowledge that you’ll never never feel comfortable in your skin, because anxiety? Anxiety is a many-headed monster that never really dies. thumbs.gfycat.com But then I have good days too. Days that don’t turn into a struggle…Continue Reading

If You Find Yourself Using These Words Casually, STOP NOW

“She’s so OCD!” “I’m so depressed after watching this movie.” “I have an exam tomorrow, I’m totally having a panic attack.” Chances are, you’ve used the above phrases at least a couple of times in your casual everyday conversations. And no, you’re not just misusing psychological terms incorrectly. The impact of randomly using these terms to express minor inconveniences is much larger and a lot worse than you think. Whilst we struggle to create awareness about the importance of mental health and have psychological problems taken seriously, using terms such as “OCD”, “anxiety”, “bipolar”, etc. for any purpose other than…Continue Reading