21 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A Nice Person With A Bad Temper

This one’s straight from the heart. I’ve been an angry kid. I was smart, happy and super-friendly, but when my anger neurons were tampered with, I’d be the ugliest human to watch. To be honest, I am a super-loving person, the kind that roams around lending free hugs, but I do have anger issues. Well, not as bad as I did when I was a child. So you won’t consider it totally absurd if I feel like my personality is split in two: one part sparkles and stardust, the other filled with anger bubbles and thoughts of almost-murder. If you’re…Continue Reading

20 Signs From The Mumbai Pride Parade That’ll Make You Stand Up In Support!

The streets of Mumbai were vibrant with the colours of the rainbow this Saturday for the Mumbai Pride Parade, officially known as the Queer Azaadi March. A gathering of over 15,000 people proudly marched supporting everyone’s right to love and it was a truly beautiful sight. Everyone dressed to the nines, showing the government that no matter what you do, we’re here and we’re queer. And that it is high time #377QuitIndia. Helping the cause were some of the most hilariously, outright provocative and absolutely brilliant signs! We bring you a round up of some of the best ones. ​Support…Continue Reading

19 Things You Know To Be True If You Have A Younger Brother

Well, well. My mother tells me of a childhood instance when she’d taken my brother and me to a photo studio to have us clicked in traditional attire. I happened to glare at the photographer because he kept making my baby brother cry by constantly repositioning him for the perfect frame. (There is actually a photograph of me glaring at the guy behind the camera as proof.) I am the elder sister in our equation. My brother is two years younger to me and our graph of bonding, over the years, shows a definite hike. Living with a younger sibling…Continue Reading

19 Times Westerners Talking About Indians Made You Roll Your Eyes

We have a gazillion world issues. But some of them can be pretty damn annoying. Especially the ones that involve stereotypes people tend to nurture about folks from a particular country. Specifically, India. And a lot of these stereotypes come our way from our good friends in the West. Way too many of them still think that we Indians talk to snakes on every day and have no idea about cool tech stuff. (Sigh.) Here are the 19 most annoying things we Indians have been hearing for a long, long time now. 1. How do you speak such fluent English?…Continue Reading

Why Anger Isn’t The Worst Way To Express Yourself

Because keeping anything inside isn’t the right way to go, and anger is natural. Let it out. Stop letting it feed on your insides, destroying your very core. Let it go, let it out. If anger was rightly stigmatized, we wouldn’t be naturally feeling it. It is a part of us, anger is a basic human emotion. Why then do we throw everyone’s outburst under the judgement bus? Breathe. Let me tell you why its okay, and when its okay, to be angry. To give in. To feel mad. To be human. To fall, to break, then to get your…Continue Reading