19 Unplugged Hindi Songs That Will Make Your Soul Weep With Joy

If I am to be honest, more often than not, I love the unplugged versions of certain Bollywood numbers better than their originals. Maybe it’s just the way an unplugged track sets the mood and the vibe; the slow, soothing voice, the perfect notes that hit you right where you keep all your feelings stored and probably how you sigh out of sheer happiness as you listen. I am an overtly sentimental human and I love getting all emo and mushy with my music. If you’re someone who loves some good romantic tunes, created to strum those heart strings perfectly,…Continue Reading

13 Foreign Language Short Films You MUST Watch – They’ll Touch Your Soul

Hey guys, a very recent movie buff here. Now, I’ve always been more of a reader, but the thing that got me hooked on to movies was my introduction to some truly beautiful short films. Most of these were in English, but then I pushed myself and started watching movies that I needed subtitles for. And honestly, these movies made continents away, in languages I didn’t understand, left me in absolute awe. Hotel Chevalier (French) This Wes Anderson short film is a love story that should NOT be watched during work – mostly because it’ll leave you slightly dazed and…Continue Reading

A Soldier Returning Home: This Video Will Inspire You And Break Your Heart

What is the noblest, the most honourable profession in the world?That of a teacher, you say? Doctor? Firefighter? While no comparison can be made between any of these professions, somehow, being a soldier takes the cake when it comes to selflessness. Imagine someone who doesn’t know you at all. And yet, without any obligation, has taken the onus of protecting you and everything that over a billion of us stand for. Someone who has never even met you, but somehow, is ready to die for you, without any hesitation. Soldiers help preserve our sanctity as a republic, our idea of…Continue Reading

This “Tiger Zinda Hai” Song Is Better Than The Whole Movie Was

Guys, let’s give it up for Tiger Zinda Hai for one reason (and one reason only) – the fabulous job that the movie does of showcasing Katrina Kaif as a genuine Indian action queen. Seriously. She’s cool, she looks spectacular and badass as a gun-toting, high-kicking, sword-fighting, shrewd-ass secret agent. Which brings me to this song. Vishal and Shekhar are fantastic when it comes to making music that’s absolutely amazing, and Jyoti Nooran’s voice in this one is going to get your blood pumping. And here’s the best thing about “Tera Noor” for me – it’s basically the BEST parts…Continue Reading

23 Iconic Indian Ad Jingles That’ll Take You Back To The Good Old Days

If someone were to ask me to sing aloud the ‘Vicco Turmeric’ ad right now, I can recite it in a single breath. Putting aside all the conditioning plus brainwashing that some ads do, there are a few special jingles that have just somehow stuck with us through childhood (and more recent time, for some). You would expect to have forgotten them, but surprise! You can still sing them, word for word. To be honest, a LOT of these were fun. And they made for some pretty great TV memories too. So I decided to scoop up 23 of the…Continue Reading

When Love Hurts… This Soulful New Song Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Remember all those times when you’ve had your heart broken and people around you casually say, “Stop thinking about it. It’s time to move on.” And there you are, wondering how do you simply “forget”? Your heart does not come with an built-in switch. It does not have the option to go “on” and “off” when it comes to the love it still feels for the human who broke it. This song captures ALL of those feels and more. It talks about the way every tiny memory that the two of you have had together creeps up ever so slyly…Continue Reading

This Beautiful, Moving Poem Will Break And Then Mend Your Lonely Heart

Let’s talk about relationships. Not the rom-com inspired relationships. Real ones. You know, those that start with uncertain ‘hellos’ and polite conversations about the weather. And then move on to ‘You’re like that too? I thought I was the only one!’ . Of course, this is usually followed by the tumbling-out of secrets and the conversations that you don’t think will ever end. The thing is that relationships like these are few and far between. Most of us long for them – for something that’ll fill the void of that unacknowledged loneliness. So when I came across Jidnya Pandya’s spoken…Continue Reading

Obama vs Ambani: Who’s Actually Right About India?

Two of the most influential personalities of our time – Barack Obama and Mukesh Ambani – shared their insights on the future of India at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on 1st December. While Obama had some interesting thoughts to share about Modi and the current similarities between India and the US, Ambani shed light on where India’s progress is headed next. Here are 11 significant things said about India by the two personalities: 1. Obama on diversity: “America and India are alike, being defined by many different languages, dialects genders and orientations…every caste, colour and creed.” 2. Ambani on…Continue Reading

Here’s Hoping That 2018 Will Have Fewer Songs Focusing On Women’s Butts

I discovered this song a few weeks ago, and it sent me into a state of complete catatonic rage. “Butts” is not quite what the song’s lyrics say it is about. It’s about our male lead’s heartbeat doing “updown” because of his passion for our female lead. (I am not even going to get into how much my brain hurts at the concept of “updowning” as a verb; there is too much else that is wrong here.) And how do we know that our female lead is worthy of an updowning heartbeat? SHE HAS AN AMAZING BUTT. This is how…Continue Reading

10 Adorable Movies From The 2000s Everyone Needs To Watch (Again)

It’s not just the old classics that we should revisit once in a while, but also the movies that make us feel all warm inside! Here’s our list of adorable movies from 2000s that definitely deserve a second (or even a third or a fourth) rewatch. 1. Love, Actually (2003) Who doesn’t love this one? Plus, you gotta watch it again before Love, Actually 2, don’t you? 2. Mamma Mia! (2008) A musical starring Meryl Streep? Yes, please. 3. The Holiday (2006) This star-studded rom-com is aperfect watch for the holiday season. Also, how cute is Jude Law? 4. The…Continue Reading