10 Things All Single Career Driven Women Secretly Want But Don’t Say

We aren’t needy in anyway but that doesn’t mean we don’t need someone in our lives. Someone who’s supportive of our career goals and isn’t threatened by our success. Someone who knows how important it is to have a life outside the relationship. Someone who understands what giving their partner the space they need means. We want to be in a relationship with someone who’s mature and understands that personal growth is as important as maintaining a healthy relationship. We sometimes need a shoulder to cry on. We don’t expect you to solve our problems for us but it would…Continue Reading

10 Things That Women Should Proudly Do And Not Be Ashamed Of

When the world today is having a large scale and imperative discussion on Feminism and Women Empowerment, the real problem is latched onto the very core of our society. This sticky problem and its consequences will take a lot of time to vanish forever but Change is definitely here! While we have conversations as fundamental as “How to treat a woman?” or “She should not be afraid of going out at any point of time”, women themselves should proudly be the way they are. The time we as women feel ashamed of basic things that men casually do is the…Continue Reading

10 Kinds Of Fights We All Have With The Person We Love

Be it arguments or disagreements, there are some typical fights we all have with the one we love. It could be the silliest or the most serious of things, but we all have these 10 kinds of fights with the one we love, and somewhere between all the bickering, we learn to fall in love with that too. Insecurity Insecurity is a part of all relationships whether new or old. There’s always a fear of losing the one you love or something going wrong. We do many things to prevent this loss and ensure that our loved ones, stay only…Continue Reading

The Superheroes We Overlook: An Open Letter To Every Homemaker

Hi dear homemaker, Hope all’s well at your end and you’re doing fabulously. I am sure you’re wondering as to why this letter has been addressed to you because it’s not the usual fare. So let’s not create more suspense and let me jump right to the point. Most people believe that being a homemaker is certainly no rocket science and is probably the easiest and most comfortable job under the sun. As you know very well, it is obviously NOT. And while being a homemaker does not require a fancy degree (and does not come with cash rewards), it…Continue Reading

6 Characters The Harry Potter Movies Ruined For Those Who Didn’t Read The Books

For those of you who’ve never read the Harry Potter books – you don’t know what you’re missing out on! And for those of you who have read the books – I’m sure you couldn’t agree with me more. Draco Malfoy – My father will hear about this! The book describes Draco Malfoy’s plight and the burden he has to shoulder because of his family. He’s always trying to impress his father but is also terribly afraid of him. The book shows us his conflict between good and evil. It tells us how he has no choice in the matter…Continue Reading

More Than Meets The Eye: 7 Myths About Introverts That You Shouldn’t Believe

We humans tend to judge and stereotype people a lot, but what most of us often end up doing is a case of misjudgment. So much so that forming an opinion without knowing the whole truth has become second nature to our society. For a long time ‘introverts’ have been categorized as many things and have been labelled ‘boring’ and ‘mean’. But it’s time we debunk these myths and put in a little effort to actually get to know someone before we form a judgement. While we are conditioned to judge a book by its cover, seldom we form the…Continue Reading

10 Things No Self-Loving Person Will Ever Compromise On, In Life

People confuse self-love to be an egoistical sword that is drawn out every time you challenge a person or their opinion. I beg to differ. Self-love is an armour. The kind that protects you from not being led into things that you don’t fully feel committed to. It is also a fantastic agent that assists you in drawing boundaries and learning to say a ‘no’ when it’s really difficult to. Most importantly, self-love shows you to stand up for what you believe in, what you deserve and what you are worthy of. There are quite a lot of things any…Continue Reading

8 Insider Hacks To Keep In Mind If Chin​a Is On Your Bucket List

China – the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The land of the unknown yet familiar, the majestic yet simple, the ancient yet advanced.The perfect holiday destination in every sense. And yet, unfortunately, the Orient has been under- explored and overlooked when it comes to vacation destinations. Here are some things you should bear in mind in order to have an unforgettable experience in the Orient, if and when you visit (although, in my opinion you absolutely must!) : Bask in the view of the infinite Shanghai skyline. Shanghai- the financial capital of China – is famous for it’s skyscrapers.…Continue Reading

Best Indian Web Series To Look Out For In 2018

Indian web series have grown popular in the last couple of years. Fresh content and shorter time commitments have made them the new ‘in-thing’ among the youth in this fast paced, digital age. Our web series may not be as intense as the international ones but they are going forth gradually. Here are a few upcoming digital shows to look out for this year. The Ministry ‘The Ministry’ is an Amazon India original all set to premier this year. This series is a political satire that talks about the crippling bureaucracy in India. Irrfan Khan will be seen in the…Continue Reading

10 Things We All Wish Someone Told You Us When We Were Young

Life is always full of twists and turns. I wish I could tell my younger self about how life really works. This would have dissolved some of the not-so-healthy presuppositions I had way back then. I hope this helps you in your journey in some way or the other. Whenever you were at your lowest : “It’s okay. This is the lowest point of your life. Henceforth, it will just get better. You will be fine.”​ When someone left you without giving reasons : “People will leave. But everyone teaches you a lesson. Learn from it and move on.” Whenever…Continue Reading