10 Things That Women Should Proudly Do And Not Be Ashamed Of

When the world today is having a large scale and imperative discussion on Feminism and Women Empowerment, the real problem is latched onto the very core of our society. This sticky problem and its consequences will take a lot of time to vanish forever but Change is definitely here! While we have conversations as fundamental as “How to treat a woman?” or “She should not be afraid of going out at any point of time”, women themselves should proudly be the way they are. The time we as women feel ashamed of basic things that men casually do is the…Continue Reading

7 Shows You Should Be (Binge) Watching Like Right NOW!

I have binge watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S more than I count on my fingers over the years. It is my ‘go-to’ favourite TV show whenever I feel low or have nothing to watch. I have spent my summers watching that iconic show again and again just because I had nothing to do; and also there was nothing great to watch elsewhere. But I realized that I was just playing it safe. I hadn’t really explored everything. I am a person who craves for more content. And with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. coming into the picture, going full throttle with so many shows,…Continue Reading

10 New Things You Can Do Instead Of Drearily Liking Memes (Holiday Power!)

You deserve this holiday. After preparing months for your exams and then going through those dreaded days, you have rightfully earned days of sitting on a bed and just doing nothing! Eat-Sleep-Binge Watch-Repeat has to be your mantra this summer as you have dreamed about it for a while now and doing all those things without regret gives you an altogether different satisfaction. But there are some things that you can do this summer while you have fun. They may not be as pleasing and easy as sitting all day in your cozy bed but it will surely add to…Continue Reading

First Day Of School: Rain, Over-sized Raincoats, New School Bag And A Whole New Start

The monsoon not only brings that fragrance of the moist soil that is a bright and etched memory about the rains in everyone’s mind, but also brings back the excitement and a slight fear of going back to school. That sheer eagerness to start a new year with the same old friends but a class higher makes you want to be ‘back to school’ as soon as possible. From who will be our new class teacher to making new friends, that tingling feeling of starting something new of the same old journey would be there every year. But along with…Continue Reading

This Guy Makes Sure To Tell His Mom That He Is Fine As He Travels Around The World

Our mothers can even stir up a volcano if we don’t pick up their call. Her care, love and utmost affection is reciprocated when she constantly worries for us. She always stays up late till we get home from a late night party with friends, calls every couple of hours to check on us when we are away from home. No matter what happens, mothers can’t stop caring! After he quit his job to travel the world, Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez from Brussels wanted his mother to know that wherever he goes, he will be safe. A year ago he left…Continue Reading

Why Bollywood Doesn’t Know What To Do With Their Powerhouse Female Actors

Unequal pay for female actors, objectification of women, the constant pressure to “stay fit” or even just the representation of women on the celluloid; female actors in Bollywood have to go through a lot to even come close to getting the amount of acknowledgment that a male actor gets. While a hero gets whistles and praises to show off his finely sculpted bare body, a heroine is bashed for going ‘nude’. As there is this inequality between the male and female actors in terms of almost everything in Bollywood still some of the women from the pack have survived and…Continue Reading

Experiences Have Helped Me Shed My Old Skin And Embrace The New Me

Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.-Dr. Seuss Believe Believing yourself is the only thing that keeps you going. It motivates you to achieve your dreams that were once impossible. It helps you to climb The Everest that seemed once a long lost dream. What comes with achieving all those dreams, living through all those obstacles and enjoying the smallest of small triumphs in life are experiences. Experiences are like a bowl of kheer. Even after you finish eating it, its sweetness still lingers on your taste buds…Continue Reading

10 Things That Are Found In Every Indian Middle Class House

From fixing the antenna every time to get that clear picture on your TV screens to wearing your elder brother’s school uniform which was always a size bigger for you. Living in an Indian middle class house taught us how to enjoy those little moments in life. It made us realize how to make your ends meet while still be happy with what you have. Here are some things that would make Maya Sarabhai say, “Categorically middle class!”. A plastic bag full of plastic bags Image Source This is our middle class version of inception! Every middle class house has…Continue Reading

In This Era Of Selfies, We Still Miss Our Old Cameras And Photo Albums

Today, we have our phone memory filled with ‘pics’ clicked at various occasions. Selfies clicked with friends, friends of friends, with family, colleagues,etc. Social media has altogether changed the way we make memories. In fact, we are in a constant pressure to make memories. To show people that our lives are happening and to get a validation of it through likes and comments on our pictures, has become a necessity. But back in the day, memories were made, remembered and cherished. Pictures were not clicked to get 500 likes and 100 comments from our social media friends and followers. They…Continue Reading

I Found My Class 7 Report Card Today, And Realized That It Is Just A Piece Of Paper

The other day, I was going through my old school stuff, and as I was doing that, I boarded a train of nostalgia! My drawing books, geometry box with only two of the triangular rulers in there, which we never use it, some notebooks and my Class 7 report card; all of them were there! Being an average student, It was a milestone for me to score full marks in Science. I was dancing even in my dreams for a couple of days after that. And now, I look at my report card and realize that today it means nothing.…Continue Reading