Why Falling In Love With A Not-So-Cliched Romantic Can Be A Blessing

Finding an ideal life partner is tough, some even call it impossible. And I’m not being a pessimist here, but let’s face it: over a lifetime, you meet a bunch of people who turn out to be wrong choices. While growing up, I used to idolise picture-perfect couples who have been with each other for ages. But once you enter adulthood, reality hits you right in the face. What if I keep looking for a guy with my precious list of qualities and I never find him? What if my whole idea of romance is wrong? And what if there…Continue Reading

There’s Nothing ‘Wrong’ With Our Generation & It’s High Time We Stop Saying This

A lot has been written and said about this generation and to be honest, I would like to disagree with a lot of conclusions. For starters, we are moulded in the way society wants us to be and there’s absolutely no harm in that. Being a 90’s kid comes with its own challenges in life and you certainly feel disconnected with the kids born in 2000’s. Instead of trying to contemplate on the fact that we’re not part of the herd, let’s talk about why we are managing to cope up just alright. In a lot of ways we are…Continue Reading

13 Movies That Will Give You All The FEELS In A ‘Not So Romantic Way’

We all have different definitions of love and some of us don’t actually believe in mushy romance. As much as we want to, there’s no way that we can actually adapt to the ‘good old’ romantic stuff. If we honestly think about it and dig a little deeper, these unrealistic couple goals have shattered our real life dreams. It’s because love stories don’t always have to be about big declarations of love and impractical gestures. The romance genre is defined with soppy stories but there’s so much more to that. There also lies a deeper meaning of understanding, commitment and…Continue Reading

Lust Stories Is Honest & Funny, And Here’s Why We ALL Need To Watch It

Writing a story and entertaining people is no joke and it’s a struggle that many directors of our country go through. Considering Bollywood and the way it has evolved, it’s safe to say that we are NOT heading in the right direction. What we once called classic cinema is now being shredded and broken into pieces. Sounds brutal but it is the reality! What’s the problem you ask? Too much glamour and commercialization. The moment filmmakers start talking about money and the ratings of a movie, it’s meant to be doomed (unless the story-line is exceptional). In a scenario like…Continue Reading

15 Reasons You Should Take Pride For Being Practical In Life

Being strong is a blessing but the steps you take to be this way are often questioned. Life throws many surprises our way and it’s not every time that we are able to overcome our fear of facing a tough situation. Moments like these make you stronger and bolder to welcome life’s challenges with a smile. For some, these pit-stops are easy and for some it is always a struggle. These battles that we fight everyday define who we actually are and makes us wonder about why it’s happening and that too at such speed. Sooner or later, you realize…Continue Reading

13 Things You Feel After a Break-Up That Are Tough To Say Out Loud

When we get into a relationship, things seem to be all rosy and perfect. There isn’t a single moment that you feel sad and can’t stop thinking about the one you LOVE. This phase of being with someone is as dreamy as it sounds but as they say, every couple has to face their own hardships and that’s when your true selves surface! Some people are able to snap out of it while some are not just meant to be together. This is the toughest moment and also the one that decides whether or not, you wish to move on.…Continue Reading

Why You Don’t Need A Perfect Life Partner For A Perfect Ever After

“What’s your idea of love?” I’ve been asking myself this question ever since I started gaining a little perspective on how love should be defined. I suppose, red roses, romantic gestures and a dreamy partner are some of the few things I had in mind. Thanks to media, social media and my own friends, my expectations of love were slightly different from what I feel now. And I’m sure, a lot of people go through this transition when their belief is shaken and the bubble bursts. It is only after a couple of heartbreaks that you realise what a roller-coaster…Continue Reading

11 Underrated Songs from MTV Unplugged That You NEED On Your Playlist

Music knows no boundaries and no platforms. And one of the biggest proofs of this are the melodious tunes that MTV Unplugged has been churning out. I’ve been a fan of it since 2011 and I don’t think I am going to get over it anytime soon. While there were many songs that gained popularity, some of them, even the really good ones did not gain much limelight. If you haven’t heard these, then do so right now – they’re a treat for the ears! Aankhen Teri Kitni Hasi – Mithoon One of my most favourite songs, made even better…Continue Reading

All The Single Ladies: 15 “Sex And The City” GIFs You’ll Totally Relate To

“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free till they find someone just as wild to run with them.”– Carrie Bradshaw A show that is almost three decades old and needs no introduction. Portraying single women in all their glory and their misery, there is no better series than Sex And The City that can explain all our struggles so well. These moments are not only relatable but true too! While we’ve all tried to find love like Charlotte, we’ve also tried to be the boss of our lives like Miranda. These women…Continue Reading

Unsubscribe From Other People’s Drama And Negativity, It’s NOT Worth It

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do!”- Benjamin Spock Believe it or not, your heart knows the answers to the most complicated questions of life. We’ve met so many people since we were kids. Some turned out to be just acquaintances, while others became our dearest friends. Why does it happen? Why do we filter out people from our life? You might also have wondered about it. But the answer remains the same – it all happens for a reason. People evolve with each tiny step they take and on that road to progress, they instinctively choose…Continue Reading