Heal With The Power Of Reading: 6 Reasons You Should Be Reading Marian Keyes

Books and words, they have the power to make you go through the days of high tide with your head held high. The stories are the shield that protects you from the jibes of the world, while the characters form a bond which even living beings fail to. An the best books belong to the authors who have a real knack of delivering the most complex messages, in the simplest manner. One such writer is Marian Keyes. When you read her blurbs, she comes across as a simple chic-lit writer who can make you smile with her stories. But, it…Continue Reading

To All Those Who Said I Couldn’t And Wouldn’t Be Able To, Thank You

Hi. Remember me? I am the same girl you mocked when she was all but a toddler, for preferring to play and laugh her heart out rather than do makeup and create doll houses. I am the same girl you laughed at when she could not speak English as perfectly as you could, in her teens. I am the same girl you thought you could break, with your jibes and cruelty, the object of a mean streak you didn’t realise you possessed, because it was directed at me, a person you thought not worthy of your humaneness. i.gifer.com But you…Continue Reading

12 Beauty and Makeup Trends On The Internet That’ll Make You Go WTF

Trends are what the world of social media survives on. As it has crept into every facet of our lives, why should personal beauty be an exception? Indeed, we have so many famous beauty bloggers/vloggers who advertise products that are a solution to every little imperfection on your body or face, including the ones that you have come to like. However, whether we love or get bamboozled by the concealers and eyeliners and what not, we do secretly love them all at one point or the other in our lives. But, all the beauty trends do not blow your mind,…Continue Reading

17 Little Quotes For You To Embrace Your Inner Wonder Woman

Being a woman is quite a tough task. Come to think of it, our mere existence is a constant cause of worry for the society; one which is built on the thought that females are a liability. So while you manage work, while listening to the sexist jibes, and a few taunts from the relatives who are concerned about your ovaries’ shelf life, breathe. Close your eyes, sip that cup of tea or coffee you just refilled, and go through these amazing quotes we have collated for you, so that woman inside you stands a little taller with each word.…Continue Reading

The Pink Tax – Know About The Extra Money You Spend, For Just Being A Woman!

GST, also known as Goods & Service Tax, was levied in India, in the year 2017. While there was much uproar on the application of a universal rate, one tiny thing escaped everyone’s notice. Well, the mere existence of women has been slyly ignored for many for years, hence it was hardly a surprise when a whopping tax rate of 12% was levied on us under the GST banner. Though it was a slight drop from the previous average rate of 13.68%, the bottom line remained the same; the necessities of a woman had now become ‘luxuries’ that deserve taxing.…Continue Reading

15 Savagely Perfect Comebacks To Daily Sexist Questions

Being a feminist is difficult. More so, when you are born in the South Asian corner of the world, which is riddled with sexist rules and regulations every step of the way. Surely, change is coming, but for every step our society takes forward, there are those who insist on taking us back by two steps. It’ll surely take our society a considerable amount of time to totally take that leap of faith towards gender equality. That being said, let’s look at the micro picture first. Let’s forget about the urban, rural and even global aspects of it for some…Continue Reading

7 Shocking Harry Potter Theories That’ll Make You Question The Whole Series (Totally!)

For the lovers of fantasy fiction, when the Harry Potter series was released, it was a dream come true. We had a story set in the current era, laced with fantasy and terms which made exploring the wizarding world an enchanting experience. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna; we made countless friends. They were not perfect individuals, but together, they were a force to reckon with. However, with the last book of the series coming out in the year 2007, and the last movie in 2011, the story officially ended but the canons and theories didn’t. New tales and takes on…Continue Reading

Are You ‘Strong’ Enough To Be Sensitive? Justin Baldoni Asks Every Man

Patriarchy has been toxic. Since times immemorial, men have been taught to be tough and resilient, while women are deemed to be dainty and submissive. The entire justification behind this is reasoning is: that’s how nature has wired the two genders. But as the lines are blurring and we see more men and women swap ‘categorized’ roles, helping each other out, we can’t help but wonder, is there really is a clear line that tells the two apart, anatomy being an exception? Most of what everyone fails to understand is that patriarchy is equally harmful to men. Men love challenges.…Continue Reading

To My Love, No Matter The Dark Days, I’ll Love You Always

Dear love of my life, I still remember the first time we met. Still in the teens, reverberating from the jolt of youth, shying away in the adulthood that bloomed from adolescence. I walked through the hazy folds of the path that’s called life, unsure, unheard, wallowing in my being. And then I saw you. You were there, just like anyone else, and yet so different. The rhythm of our hearts beat just the same, dancing to a tune no one understood, beating with a fervour no one matched up to. We met like scorching fires, and knew that the…Continue Reading

Easy-To-Read Books That’ll Be Your Perfect Monsoon Pick – Part I

Rains bring a plethora of emotions with it. There is something about the outpour of water droplets from the sky above that makes one contemplate every aspect of life under it, or maybe just take a backseat from the otherwise rushing stream of life. But for us readers, rains are just another reason to curl up with a book, with a steaming mug of coffee. However, there are certain stories which perfectly match up to the mood of monsoon, and here I am, presenting the same to you. So pick up those pens and pads comrades, for here I am…Continue Reading