To The Time I Bunked College To Learn Something New

I bunked college today, missed my presentations and assignment submissions, and went on a road trip with my friends to Fort Tikona. I kept thinking of my classmates, who are currently sitting inside four walls, learning, growing and educating themselves for a professional life ahead. But as I drove towards Lonavala, sitting amongst three Indian Naval officers, listening to their conversations about India, China and the US defence forces, I wondered if this isn’t learning as well? Does education mean attending classes for attendance and feeling pressurised about beating your fellow classmates for a better placement to start a never-ending…Continue Reading

10 Kinds Of Fights We All Have With The Person We Love

Be it arguments or disagreements, there are some typical fights we all have with the one we love. It could be the silliest or the most serious of things, but we all have these 10 kinds of fights with the one we love, and somewhere between all the bickering, we learn to fall in love with that too. Insecurity Insecurity is a part of all relationships whether new or old. There’s always a fear of losing the one you love or something going wrong. We do many things to prevent this loss and ensure that our loved ones, stay only…Continue Reading

You Don’t Always Have To Sprint, Sometimes It’s Okay To Walk (In 10 Little Ways)

The world of gadgets and digitisation may have made our lives easier, but it has also become really fast paced. Everything is available at the click of a button, be it communication, food, knowledge, information, the list is never ending. However, if you’ve failed to notice, let me bring it to your attention, that you or your life aren’t at the whims of a click. So in this lightspeed world, make a little time for yourself and things that make you, you. Be Kind To Yourself. Being overworked and stressed is a given nowadays but don’t forget that your mind,…Continue Reading

10 Things You Know To Be True If You Can’t Live Without Chai

If while reading the headline of this article you could already taste the ‘adrak wali chai‘ in your mouth, then this article is a sign from the Universe. We understand the importance of a good cup of chai in your life and here’s the truth about all chai peene walas! 1. The morning cup of chai. It’s almost impossible to get your brain cells working if you don’t have that hot cup of chai in your hands. It’s the first thing on your mind the moment you wake up and it’s also the only thing you look forward to on…Continue Reading

On Losing A Loved One: My Shoes Are Too Big For Your Feet

Death is the biggest change that others around you will not be able to fathom or comprehend. Here’s what you need to say to all those who feel you’ve changed because you came close to death. I know I do. To everyone around me, please stop saying ‘I understand’. Because no, you don’t. I would appreciate it if you were trying to, but no you don’t understand what the death of my brother has done or is going to do to me because I don’t understand this myself yet. If you aren’t here to go through with me and whatever…Continue Reading

10 Emotions We ALL Go Through During A Job Interview (Phew!)

Now that the season of convocation ceremonies and placements is upon us, we are all in the same boat i.e. a period of heading to multiple job interviews. The preparation, the sleepless nights, the nerves, the perspiration, yup, we’re all living the post-grad life. You’re not alone in this palm-sweating, nervous phase of your early 20’s. We all go through it at some point and here are some emotions that are completely normal when you’re exploring the interview-life. 1. The excitement (apologies, but it is short lived). Yes, before the nerves kick in for the interview, it’s the achievement of…Continue Reading

11 Emotional Stages We All Go Through When Our Phone Screen Cracks

No matter how much you try console yourself by repeating that it’s “just a phone screen”, your heart breaks each time you see your shattered face in it. All you can think about is those seconds that changed your phone’s life from perfection to needing correction. In those seconds, your heart missed a beat and your breath came out in gasps. We’ve all been there and cried that. Now it’s time to look back at those moments and well, laugh a little. “Oh no!” *gasps* Yes, we know, you can’t believe it, but it’s happened. Your phone has met with…Continue Reading

Letter To A Possessive Partner

Dear Possesive Partner, How are you? You are not relaxed. You are not comfortable. You are scared, afraid and restless. Is it okay or is it not? I guess the answer would differ to who you love and care about. It’s not wrong or right that you’re possessive. Where does it stem from and the source, is what your loved one needs to see and understand, because mostly we ourselves do not know why we feel a certain way. Lies, dishonesty, cheating, heartbreaks etc. are some examples of sources of possessive behavior. But, love, affection, closeness, comfort etc. are also…Continue Reading

5 Things to Expect When Dating an Indian Naval Officer

All Indian Defence Officers are known for their discipline and some specific personality traits that only a ‘fauji’ can possess. So if your boyfriend is the tall, handsome, dreamy hunk in the white uniform, then here are 5 things to expect out of a relationship with him: Love for Punctuality: As is true for all faujis, your Naval officer is going to be extremely particular about timeliness and punctuality. Their wrist watches are bound to work 10 minutes ahead. Especially when it comes to going for a party at someone else’s place, their love for punctuality may annoy you at…Continue Reading

I Lost My Sibling, And This Is What I’ve Been Going Through

When it comes to understanding sibling grief, very little has been written or provided on the internet or literature when it comes to the Indian diaspora. Here are things that you can expect to feel (and is normal to feel) when you’ve lost a sibling. Talking from personal experience, while I’m going through sibling grief (one year and 3 months into it), I can very well say that there is almost nothing out there on the internet to google and understand and feel normal about the several emotions that you go through. Yes, there’s a lot of data available out…Continue Reading