10 Underrated But Helpful Things That Your Sibling Would Appreciate This Rakhi

Guys, remember how Rakhi used to be a big deal when we were kids, what with all the fuss about picking out the best-looking Rakhis and pestering our siblings for gifts? But as we grow up, and siblings go on to lead their own lives, we often lose touch with the things that used to bring us together.

And while our adorable childhood fuss around Rakhi might be a thing of the past, there are some things that will never change. Like the bond between us and our siblings, and just how well we now know the wonderful person they’ve grown up to be. So this Rakhi, here are the perfect gift ideas that will brighten up Rakhi and the smile on your sibling’s face!

Cookware goodies: for the masterchef sibling of your family.

Every family has that one sibling, the only one who seems to have inherited Ma’s gift of cooking. The one who lives to cook up wonderful dishes, much to their guests’ delight (including you). Well, here’s the perfect opportunity to gift them the best cookware goodies that they will cherish for years to come. Be it top quality cookware sets or just awaffle maker, you know they’ll whip up some amazing food with it.

Wall art: for the sibling who is a huge movie, TV show or music buff!

You know too well how much this sibling loved movies or a particular band. Mostly because they never really stopped talking about it and also because their side of the room was always covered with posters. Well, as an ode to their fandom, why not gift them some classy pieces of wall art featuring their favourite movies andmusic?

Organizers: for the order-loving sibling who hates clutter.

Even as a kid, it used to drive this sibling mad to watch anyone make a mess, and your parents thanked the heavens they had one less kid to pick up after. This sibling would absolutely adore being gifted an organiser, adresser drawer or even a prettyjewellery box.

Eclectic showpieces: for the curious, adventurous dreamer.

Has your sibling always been the quirky, artsy one in the family? Or the one who always dreamed of travelling the world and having new experiences? Well, what they’d love are these super-pretty dream catchers, or perhaps something antique like thesetelescopes andcompasses.

Bar accessories: for the sibling who loves to party!

Remember when you used to cover for your sibling when they went out for drinks? Well, now they’re all grown up, love hosting people and know just how to have a good time. Which is why they’ll love receiving a bar cabinet,wine rack or even acocktail shaker!

Funky bookshelves: for the bookworm sibling!

As a kid, you used to find your sibling nose-deep in their latest favourite read of the season. And as their love for books has grown over the years, so has their huge collection of books! You know what they’ll love? A super-cool bookshelf like this one, or a cute one likethis.

Gorgeous teapots and kettles: for the sibling who can’t live without their morning chai (or coffee).

They probably got their morning beverage habits from your parents, but boy, do they love their cuppa chai or coffee. Well, you know what they’ll absolutely love? A charming little teapot like this one or maybe a funkyvariety of kettles!

A little something that solves their immediate problem – right away.

The greatest thing about having a sibling is always having a shoulder to cry on and a friend to talk to about life’s little problems. So, maybe they wish they had more privacy in the room they have to share. Well, you can help by gifting them a divider screen. They wish they had somewhere to keep all their stuff? Get them abeautiful storage box. This Rakhi, you can be their saviour!

A nostalgic gift that ties to a memory you and your sibling share.

Did you and your sibling ever fight over who got to sit on the bean bag, or who got their turn on theswing chair? Even those arguments are fond memories today, which is why Rakhi is the perfect time to gift your sibling something that brings up a fond memory of your childhood.

Gift cards (for the sibling who has pretty much everything)!

If your sibling has always been the most sorted out one and already has pretty much all the stuff they think they need, here’s an idea: give them gift cards for Pepperfry, where they can find all varieties of things! The next time they do need a little something, your gift cards will surely come in handy.


This article is written in partnership with Pepperfry.