Burning Out At Work? Here’s How To Deal With It

Burning out is an all too familiar phenomenon in the world
we live in. The minute you open your eyes, your little heart endures a barrage of
pings, tweets, shares and the likes; there is no time to relax even if we
aren’t doing anything. Broken hearts, disillusionment, depression; we continue
juggling separate kinds of poisons. We all look for a chance to escape;
sometimes it’s a holiday, other times into a fantasy. Here are a couple of ways
to combat this:

Stay weird

Nothing can save you in this world except yourself. And a little weirdness always helps. Following the heard and treading the beaten path is not for everyone, as is taking risks. Find your comfort level and return to it every once in a while, no compromise. Remember: Luna Lovegood rocked a lion hat. Nothing is weirder in life than being ‘normal.’


Social media detox is the greatest thing you can do for your mental health. It not only calms and centers your mind, but it also gives you a chance to be bored. Being bored is essential to be able to create something new or go back to old hobbies we may have forgotten that help us get back to our A-Game. Ludo, anyone?

You aren’t an imposter

A lot of us always wonder if we are undeserving of all the success we have in our lives and if we just got to the right place at the right time by accident. No. Your success is not an accident. Stop feeling like an imposter who has no idea of what he is doing and get back to doing what you do best. If you love yourself, no one can convince you of anything otherwise.

Learn the little things

Mostly, burnout is a result of being in a stressful situation for a long time. Break free by occasionally taking up new courses about things you have always wanted to learn. Breaking the monotony and spending some time nourishing your inner child always works, not to mention the professional perks additional knowledge may bring. Total win-win!

Find and stick to your support system

It is extremely tempting to withdraw from people and spend time alone or fade away. A healthy support system that can provide solutions and distractions is to be cherished. Find the right people who will stick with you and give you a push in the right direction; bring you hugs and ice cream when you are down; tell you that it will be okay over and over.

The secret to living a big life is that there are no secrets. Just put yourself out there and rock the flow!