Beware! These 8 Questions Are Known To Cause Breakups, Proceed With Caution

Relationships are tricky and can go downhill pretty fast, especially when there are pesky little doubts in either of the partner’s minds. Asking questions to clear these doubts to maintain a healthy relationship is okay but it’s definitely not okay to ask questions that you don’t want to hear the answer to and no matter what your partner says will cause a fight. And women, don’t think that you can manipulate your partner by asking them thinly veiled tricky questions because they can definitely see right through your gimmick. So do yourself a favour and just avoid asking anything related to what is mentioned below.

Anything to do with their Ex.

Who cares what happened when they were with their ex? They’re with you now and that is all that should matter to you.

How many people have you had in your bedroom?

This is always a bad question to ask because if your significant other has had too many sexual relationships you’re bound to consider them promiscuous and if they’ve not had enough according to you, you might think they’re prudish.

Do you think we will get married someday? (Especially if the relationship is still new).

Do not burden a new relationship with questions related to the far off future. You might scare off your partner into breaking up with you as they might perceive you to be too clingy.

Being extremely needy and constantly asking your partner if they love you enough.

If you’re constantly insecure in your relationship then the problem is with you and not your partner! If they’ve already told you that they want to be with you and you’re the one for them and you still keep nagging them they will leave you eventually.

Whether they think if your friend/sibling is hotter than you.

What good can come of this? I mean this literally the stupidest question you can ever ask your significant other! So the next time you have inane thoughts, just keep them to yourself.

Repeatedly asking the same question even after they’ve answered you with any doubts you might have regarding the relationship.

If you think your partner is lying about something just confront them upfront instead of asking them same question over and over and implying that they’re lying.

Any hypothetical questions revolving around you guys breaking up like ‘what would you do if…’?

You two are together now so why stress about something that may or may not happen? If you trust your partner and know that they won’t just leave you high and dry, just avoid these questions for a smoother relationship.

Does this outfit make me look fat?

This question has been taboo for centuries and yet couples indulge in this ridiculous tête-à-tête which always has a horrendous outcome. Next time ask your sibling or your mother to a fight.