8 Things Millennials Think Are No Big Deal (But Our Parents Think Otherwise)

I sort of don’t blame our peeps for not entirely getting us, because let’s face it, we are a tough crowd to understand and handle. Having earned the tag of a generation who changes its mind in a fraction of a second and believes in living life on their own terms, our parents are bound to go nuts with some of our habits.

Their upbringing has been all about following rules, acting conventionally and never questioning the elders. While ours is completely the opposite, therefore here are a few things that I bet every Indian Parent can’t stand:

When we prefer texting over face to face communication

Let’s face it, there is a certain amount of joy in being able to communicate without facing the other person (especially if he/she is not your close friend). This is your chance to be witty and show off your sense of humour without being judged.

When we oversleep at noon, because the best ideas come to us only at wee hours

Being a millennial is tough I tell ya!

When we leave our bedroom lights and fan switched on

This is just a phase, which too shall pass soon. Agree?

When we showcase our fashion sensibilities at a family gathering

How else do we flaunt our collection that we’ve bought online?

When we plan a night out at a friends place without taking any permission

The point of having an overnight is simply to spend time with your buddy and create memories that you will cherish forever.

When we lock our bedroom doors for hours for some serious productivity

How else is one suppose to focus and increase their productivity?

When you try something unconventional

Being able to be experimental with fashion is something we take seriously.

When we don’t put things in proper place

If it’s in our room, I guess it’s the place to be