11 Lessons We Can All Learn From Virat Kohli’s Life – On And Off The Field

Virat Kohli, a name that has been dominating the world of cricket, came into prominence after he successfully lead the Indian Under-19 team to a glorious World Cup win in 2008. Ever since then, he has been breaking records and setting new standards for himself.

Arguably the best batsman we have right now, Kohli has made it a habit to hit centuries in almost all the games he plays. The constant developments in his professional and personal always manage to inspire millions of Indians who look up to him as a new-age role model. And while Kohli’s uninhibited nature has attracted him few haters, there is no doubt about the genius of this man. Here are just a few lessons we can all learn from his life both on and off the field.

1. Lessons on fitness: setting new standards.

I believe I can fly . Throwback to one of the many practice sessions. . #lovewhatido

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This supremely fit Indian captain has not only inspired his team, but thousands of youngsters around the cricketing nations, to work on their fitness.

It is hard for anyone who has been following cricket over the years to not notice the remarkable improvement in Indian fielding standards and a significant part of the credit goes to Virat Kohli – along with R. Sridhar & M. S. Dhoni – who always expects his team to be fit.

So, have you hit your gym yet?

2. Lessons on relationships: a strong foundation.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s wedding pics from Italy took the internet by storm, and Kohli has never shied away from expressing his love for Anushka from their dating days.

When Anushka was trolled on social media for Kohli’s rare poor performance, he came to her defence and gave the trolls fitting replies. At the post-match presentation ceremony after the South Africa ODI series, Virat said,

It is important to be surrounded by good people. My wife is one person who has kept me going through this series, she has been criticised in the past but she has backed me throughout.”

He is a captain who doesn’t shy away from his responsibilities both on and off the field. And inspire us to be the same.

3. Commitment towards self growth.

His commitment towards the game is impeccable and so is his passion to learn and grow each day. He seems to live his life by this quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

He shows us how one could conquer any heights if one is committed enough to chase the dream.

4. Leading from the front.

Each time the team needed him, he stood up and delivered. He takes the bull by the horns, and never shies away from any challenge. His records as a captain stand as a testament to his leadership abilities (with 79.1 win percentage, Kohli has the highest ever for a captain with a minimum of 30 matches.)

He is a perfect role model for anyone who aspires to be a leader.

5. Lessons on dedication.

Every single thing Virat Kohli does is hallmarked with his dedication. Be it his diet, work out, training or his game, he gives his 100 percent in everything he is involved.

In 2006, Kohli completed a Ranji match, despite his father’s demise during the course of the game.

Almost a decade later, he recalled the incident and said, “I still remember the night my father passed away as it was the hardest time in my life. But the call to play the morning after my father’s death came instinctively to me. I called my (Delhi) coach in the morning. I said I wanted to play, because for me not completing a cricket game is a sin.That was a moment that changed me as a person. The importance this sport holds in my life is very, very high.”

6. Social responsibility.

Virat started a charitable foundation called Virat Kohli Foundation in 2013. He said that the foundation aims “to create awareness, seek support and raise funds for the various causes they endorse and the philanthropic work they engage in.”

He inspires everyone to be more socially responsible.

7. Lessons on style and dressing sense.

In 2012, Virat Kohli was named as one of the 10 best dressed international men in a list with the then-US President Barack Obama. He inspire us to up our style quotient.

8. Love for animals.

He often takes to social media to spread awareness about animal safety. Last year, he adopted 15 dogs from an animal rescue center in Bangalore, setting an example for many.

Well done Captain! #adoptnotshop

9. Handling pressure like a boss.

Virat’s records chasing under pressure situations can’t even be compared with anyone. He constructs his innings with clear plans and has got all the skills required to deliver it.

Harbhajan Singh once said, “Virat thrives in pressure situations.The more the pressure on him, the better he plays.” He shows us how we can handle any pressure situation with ease if we have self-belief and a strong determination.

10. Lessons on sportsmanship.

Virat is known for his aggression on the field and it will be a surprise if he doesn’t sledge before an Australian series. However, once outside the context of a tournament, he has a warm heart and has proved it time and again with some lovely gestures. His gifts to Pakistani cricketers Mohammad Amir and Shahid Afridi were perfect examples.

11. Repect your idols.

Though Kohli has been constantly compared to Sachin Tendulkar, he has always discarded such comparisons.

In March 2016 at Eden Gardens, he bowed to the “God of Cricket” after scoring a half century in the high voltage India – Pakistan World T20 match, showing his respect to the Master Blaster.

Speaking in the show Breakfast with Champions, Kohli said: “One must draw comparisons between people within whom it can be drawn. Comparing me with someone for whom I started playing cricket, there’s no comparison in terms of skill; he’s the most complete batsman ever. I’ve always said this, he doesn’t deserve this… Because of what he has given to us, he doesn’t deserve to be compared with us… This generation, no chance!”