You Will Survive: Life Lessons That Remind You To Never Look Back

Life is tough. There’s no way to sugarcoat this. Sometimes, we have bad days and sometimes, bad phases. We hope for the best, but remain woefully under-prepared for the worst. In a world full of sheep, we often forget that we must be our own lion. When we tone the whining down and listen to the universe, we will hear the lessons it has been passing down to us on never backing down, since ages.

Widen your definitions.

We often get tangled in definitions of boundaries that the world has thrust upon us. But, no matter how disturbing they might be, there are some basic truths in life: family isn’t always a safe space, love isn’t permanent and friends will have their own lives too. Understand your limitations and triggers, find better ways to cope with them and ensure that you remain rooted in your reality. It’s a heart-breaking process, but it is worth its weight in gold to prepare you for anything life throws at you.

Stop waiting.

Don’t take temporary decisions that will shape your life permanently while you wait for something that might not happen. A safe life is lazy living; take risks, reinvent yourself constantly and take this life by its horns. Smile, despite the pain. There are enough reasons to look forward to a sunrise, find yours. If you stay dependent on others, keep waiting for the best job, best relationship, best seasons, best moment, you will already lose out on every moment in the present.

Address your pain.

Running away will numb the pain temporarily; address the cause of your pain to free yourself permanently from its effects. Once you address the cause of your problems, it is easier to teach yourself to live with disappointments and failures, eventually paving the way for successful foundations. They won’t magically disappear but it will open the doors to healthier living and thinking. Healing is not a one-time spa appointment; it is a continuous, ongoing process.

Laugh loudly.

Can you remember the last time you laughed loudly? Stomach deep, soul stirring, health boosting loud laugh? Nobody is watching. Nobody even cares. Let go of all that sorrow, baggage and all your worries – be free, even if it is for a joke. The sound of laughter is deeply therapeutic and has the power to eliminate all your worries, even if for a little while. Laughter is free medicine that has amazing long term effects and zero side effects!

Trust yourself.

Breathe. This world sometimes cannot appreciate the strength we carry in our heart and the steel in our spine; their invalidation doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Sooner or later, fortitude and perseverance will always take the winning lead over wealth, beauty and words without substance. Life will break you down. What matters is how you will rebuild yourself from ground up, every single time. Nobody has all the answers. But how you choose to react to any situation will definitely make all the difference in the world.