There’s Nothing ‘Wrong’ With Our Generation & It’s High Time We Stop Saying This

A lot has been written and said about this generation and to be honest, I would like to disagree with a lot of conclusions. For starters, we are moulded in the way society wants us to be and there’s absolutely no harm in that. Being a 90’s kid comes with its own challenges in life and you certainly feel disconnected with the kids born in 2000’s. Instead of trying to contemplate on the fact that we’re not part of the herd, let’s talk about why we are managing to cope up just alright.

In a lot of ways we are different than the rest but that’s how my generation has always been. There was a time when being sensitive was considered to be a sign of showing emotions like a normal human being, and now it’s being mocked. To put it more clearly- yes we feel a little too much, yes we value relationships more than anything and yes we introspect a situation more than we should.

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The way these conditions have evolved, maybe this is the kind of behaviour and acceptance that’s actually needed. For a generation who has seen the world without social media and technology addiction, they do know how to detach from it whenever required. Imagine meeting a 15-year-old when you’re 25! They are obviously more inclined to social pressure than we are. We have seen it all, so we have a fair idea of finding the answer within and that’s the message that should be loud and clear.

These instances made me realise that people like us are sometimes saviors to those who need an escape. On the contrary, it is also sometimes a bit frustrating to find a balance with this age group and also be in sync with your own thoughts. For example- there’s a vast difference between meeting a 30-year-old and a 25-year-old. The reason is simple! A guy or girl who has touched the milestone of 30 years, is obviously more aware of the pressure and the one who has just turned 25, is still trying to fit into the younger generation without realizing that this isn’t what life has in store for them.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible to compete with the younger gen but it’s definitely important to discover your own truths first. And that’s when you get to know the real difference. It’s a lot more than just social status or updating your profile pictures, it’s about looking deep into your own heart and discovering the true meaning of life, for you. On the lighter side, it’s always better to be the wiser one, isn’t it?

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So if you really think about it, there’s nothing wrong with our generation. The actual answer lies within the question of what the future has in store for us. Instead of comparing ourselves to one another, why not focus on the reality and accept that there are going to be cultural differences when we talk about different age groups?

Am I a spoilt millennial, you ask? Maybe, maybe not!

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