6 Reasons Why The LGBTQ Community Needs Legislation That Goes Beyond Their Bedrooms

Fag. Faggot. Deviant. Dyke. Homo. Sodomite. These words are unacceptable and still exist in human conversations to describe people with homosexual lives, like it is a preference; a disease that must be cured at all costs. Globally, hate crimes against the LGBTQ community have existed since millennia. India still has one of the worst human rights record in terms of protecting the LGBTQ community. India’s association with sex and sexuality isn’t new, but right wing politics have changed the face of this debate.

As citizens of this country, all of us should have laws that are designed to protect and empower instead of discriminate. Here are 6 reasons why the LGBTQ community needs legislation that goes beyond their bedrooms:


Discrimination on jobs on account of sexuality is an everyday concern for LGBTQ folk. People aren’t hired if they are openly gay, fired if someone finds out about their sexuality or harassed until they quit in many states and fields of work even in 2018. It’s not even about skills; people have gotten kicked out of deserving jobs because of their sexual orientation.


​Instances of physical and emotional abuse are among the highest in the LGBTQ community as compared to any other community in the world. People’s attitudes towards them is mostly hostile and this is fueled by the lack of legislation designed to protect them or government support. Simple things like gender identification on official documents are a headache for LGBTQ folk if they run into an official who doesn’t care.


Discrimination of every kind must be nipped in the bud because at the end of the day, all of us are human. All of us bleed, love, live, dream, take chances, get disappointed and disappoint. All of us are made from the same universal dust. Acceptance is the first step towards creating meaningful exchange that can better everyone’s lives.


Instances of rape, honor killing, torture and forced marriages to ‘cure’ LGBTQ youth are not just common across India but celebrated in most cases. If this doesn’t awaken the human in you, nothing can. Have you ever had to fear for your life because of your existence? Sexuality is not just about sex, it is also a way of life.


Same sex couples in India do not have the right to a civil union or domestic recognition, nor a right to adopt and raise children. In many cases, these couples have received death threats from people who were supposed to be friends and family. The only thing unnatural about same sex relationships is the hate it gets from straight people. Legislative reforms in this area are of prime importance.


Gender queer people have different health issues but they cannot talk about them. Access to basic healthcare is of primary importance. Even today, lesbian or gay couples cannot legally access IVF/ surrogacy. The Central Government has legalized sex reassignment surgeries but post operation care is dubious and costly.