12 Sibling Joys We All Share With Our Younger Brothers and Sisters

When it comes to younger siblings, “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” becomes somewhat of an understatement. They get on your nerves, and unlike anyone else, they love it! But well, truth be told, you know too well how dull, how boring, how so very uneventful your childhood would have been without them. Kinda makes the annoying-ness worth it, doesn’t it? (Of course, you’d never tell them this.)

I have two younger siblings, and I know just how my life has been richer and way more fun because of those two kiddos! Here are some of the most wonderful sibling joys we all love to be a part of if we are or have a younger sibling.

As an elder sibling, you have someone you can endlessly tease because you know every little, embarrassing thing about them!

You saw them when they were a baby and everyone knows the ‘baby phase’ is an absolute goldmine for embarrassing stories.

All the cool stuff that we elder siblings have to fight for, just smoothly gets passed down to the young ones!

Elder siblings spend all their time being a revolutionary, raging wars to make cell phones and staying out late ‘okay’ things in the house. The younger ones just have to come and say “ditto!”. You’re welcome, kids. Enjoy!

All the running off to grab the best seat on the couch or on the dining table, before the other could get there!

We all have fought over the best seat in the house! And while it is generally accepted that elder siblings have automatic dibs, spot-stealing still remains one of the leading causes of all sibling bashings.

Having little kiddos younger than you means having someone to give your ‘gyaan’ to.

I mean, you have lived a longer life than them (even if it’s just by a couple years), so that automatically qualifies you to be an expert on life or something, right? Yup!

As kids, even the boring adult get-togethers would be more bearable because you and your sibling had each other!

Social functions with boring adults everywhere? Well, with your younger sibling around, you always had a companion to chill with!

And you and your siblings loved playing in your own imaginary world that was lovingly created by you and them!

My sister and I used to pretend we were in an action movie, and we’d take turns playing the villain. But of course, me being older meant I got to be the hero most of the time. Hehe.

Family time means fun time, because there’s never a dull moment with your siblings around!

I mean, even if you were the older kid and were expected to be responsible, your younger siblings could do anything they wanted! And it was hilarious!

You can tease and bully your siblings to your heart’s content, but god save anyone ELSE who tries the same thing!

“I can call my dumbass brother a gadhedo, but don’t you dare use that word to refer to him, you understand?”

You didn’t need friends for a sleepover party. With your sibling around, you could both talk and have fun all night!

And every time your parents would peek in to check on you, you would both pretend to be sleeping!

The one thing that unites us: planning little ways to make our parents’ lives easier!

As kids, it was so much fun to get together, save whatever we could and get our folks a little something that could make their days brighter and lives easier. Be it birthdays or anniversaries, when it came to our parents, the greatest sibling rivalries would have cause for cease fire!

The comfort of having someone in your family you can tell your secrets to, is wonderful!

There are some things you can tell your parents, aaand then there are things you just can’t. But with an elder sibling, secrets stay secrets, and they also stay within the family!

Having someone you have a lifetime of shared experiences with means you have a best friend for life!

There will always be someone to look out for you, someone who knows just where you come from, someone who has a whole collection of things they know about you, and they are more than family – they are our best friends. Here’s to our incredible siblings!