These 16 Soulful Quotes By Piyush Mishra On Love & Life Will Make You Smile

Piyush Mishra is astounding for more reasons than one. He will steal your heart with his words and make you wonder about things you had never thought before!

Here are a few quotes by him that will make you question yourself and re-think about the life you’ve been living so far. It’s high time you start understanding the inner meaning of everything happening around you and look at things differently.

There’s a lot to learn, everyday…

1. Because what you think about yourself matters the most!

2. No one ever said that it was easy to love.

3. When you are at your lowest in life is when you will see people’s true colours.

4. The emotions behind your words are not understood by all.

5. Because merely existing does not equal to living.

6. You start to value something even more after it’s gone.

7. ‘I will still die saving you.’

8. Because you will never be enough for the wrong heart.

9. When you look back in life, you should have no regrets!

10. ‘Don’t count your days. Make your days count.’

11. Such is life. Make it worth living, every second.

12. A book can only show you the way, but you will have to walk the road yourself.

13. Because there’s a story in everyone’s life that’s worth writing about.

14. But at times, even words aren’t enough to express what you truly feel.

15. Change your lifestyle. It will change the quality of your life.

16. No one said it would be easy to reach your goals. But it will definitely be worth it.