What Book Lovers ACTUALLY Mean When They Say These 10 Things (…)

Do you have friends who love reading and at the same time always find excuses to stay at home? For starters, this is a very common phenomenon, as reading can be a bit of a solitary activity. Most book lovers spend hours upon hours in bed, or at home, buried deep in the fictional realm. And while that may seem abnormal to others, it is their way of relaxing and rejuvenating in life. Some people might not get it but for hardcore readers, books aren’t just an activity or a hobby. Books are a way of life! And here’s a small guide to decoding the bookworm in your life: Things they say and what they (we) really mean.

You’ve GOT to read this book!

What it means: You have to drop everything that you are doing and dive straight into this fabulous book. Because it will change your world forever.

Hmm, it was nice.

What it means: The book you lent me was kind of a disaster and I am not even sure if I know who you are anymore.

What did you think of the book that I lent you?

What it means: The answer to this will determine the fate of our friendship and you’ll be bestowed with yet another one of my books, very soon.

I will try to read that one next.

What it means: My ‘books to be read’ list is never ending and I might take longer than usual to get my hands on the book that you recommended.

I won’t be able to make it tonight.

What it means: I am totally engrossed with the fate of the characters in this book and don’t see myself moving away from this papered creature anytime soon.

Let’s go shopping?

What it means: You can find me at Crossword while you raid the retail stores.

I DNF’d it.

What it means: It means ‘did not finish’ reading. If you’ve been using ‘FOMO’ lately, you ought to know this one too, guys.

Have you finished the book that I gave you?

What it means: I really want my book back or I am secretly amazed that anybody could possibly read so slow.

I most likely won’t make it in time.

What it means: I almost forgot about our plans and lost track of time as I was caught up with my book. (sorry not sorry)

I am blown away by this one.

What it means: This is by far the best book that I have read and you will have to hear all about it for weeks to come.