The Best Revenge Is Cutting Him Off Completely, Here’s Why

To say you are broken is an understatement. You have been used, lied to and thrown away like yesterday’s trash. The guy who promised you his love would last forever cut you off at the knees and left you for the dead – or at least, it feels like that. He walked away in cold blood – no explanation, no apology, no closure. This is what he gave you in return for opening your heart to him, for loving him fiercely.

It is only natural that you want to get back at him. You want retribution, you want him to feel the same amount of pain you did – or at least some version of it. Hold up. Before you go on to unleash your rage and make him suffer, stop. Oh no, I have ZERO interest in protecting him, maybe he deserves to hurt long and slow for the way he mistreated you. I am only saying this for your sake. For trying to make the love traitor pay will only break your spirit. Getting obsessed with payback will rob you off your happiness and dreams. You will never be able to let go of him as long as vengeance is your middle name. Why give someone who left you in pieces so much power over you?

Oh but you want him to suffer, don’t you? Don’t you worry about that. He will. Whether you get to see it happen or not, karma does a damn good job. It makes sure that everyone gets what is coming to them one way or another. The day isn’t far when he will be the one left feeling like a lifeless, abandoned wretch, waiting for a lover that will never ever return.

So let karma work its magic. The only thing you need to do now is hang in there. Keep calm and stay classy, and eventually all those traumatic memories will become a distant blur. Take good care of yourself instead of letting thoughts of blood-lust turn you into the very monster that hurt you. Sit back and will yourself to simply focus on healing and living your life in peace. Over time, the hate will fade into the background.

The best part is, your decision to ignore him hard will do far more damage than the most elaborate revenge plan. When you cut and cauterize him out of your life, you might make him doubt his own existence. The fact that you chose to not even try to punish him for his atrocities will consume him with guilt. Yes, even if he is the most soulless being you have ever encountered, he will regret the way he left you heartlessly. Even if he does not want to acknowledge this guilt, it will haunt him every single day. If that isn’t the sweetest kind of revenge, I don’t know what is.