The Pink Tax – Know About The Extra Money You Spend, For Just Being A Woman!

GST, also known as Goods & Service Tax, was levied in India, in the year 2017. While there was much uproar on the application of a universal rate, one tiny thing escaped everyone’s notice. Well, the mere existence of women has been slyly ignored for many for years, hence it was hardly a surprise when a whopping tax rate of 12% was levied on us under the GST banner. Though it was a slight drop from the previous average rate of 13.68%, the bottom line remained the same; the necessities of a woman had now become ‘luxuries’ that deserve taxing. This sparked many movements across the country, but to no avail.

This tax is one of the many examples of ‘The Pink Tax’, which is the extra moolah you shell out everyday, just because you are a woman. And if you just thought that this blazing loot was happening in our country solely, you’re in for a shock. The PINK TAX is levied all across the world, though there is no such term for it.

Alyne Tamir, a famous vlogger who keeps on creating videos that spread awareness, put up a latest video that deals with the issue at hand and it actually opens your eyes by raising some really important questions.

What is the difference between a woman’s razor and that of a man’s?

Why is a woman’s deodorant (with all the flowers and whitening) more expensive than that of a man? (Surely, we need less pungency!)

Why do basic t-shirts of women cost more than those of men, despite the fact that we are physically smaller and probably consume less fabric and material?

Even the painkillers and medicines aren’t spared!

Watch it here.

That being said, the situation here in India isn’t less of a debacle as far as the costing of women’s products is concerned. Considering the patriarchal mindset that is common to all South Asian countries, no one even bats an eyelid or considers this as a problem worth noticing. The pay discrepancy issue is already one that has been discussed and re-discussed almost to the point of nausea, and bringing this facet of taxation into scrutiny just highlights the fact that women earn less and pay more, that too, just for the basic necessities of their life, which have been categorized nothing more than PINK LUXURY.

The Pink Tax is real and very much alive. What can we do about it? Well, the first thing would be to be aware and open your eyes while purchasing things that are your basic necessities. Pick up something from the men’s section if you feel that buying it from the women’s will only be heavy on your pocket. Start with the razors, ladies. And maybe, just maybe, when the demand for those unnecessary products go down, you can bring about a change. As far as GST on sanitary napkins is concerned, do you realize that there is an alternative to them as well? Well ladies, you can now save all that money and instead buy a menstrual cup which is a one-time investment and will probably last 3-4 years.

The Pink Tax can only be hit at its roots. Damage the demand and take charge where you can and see the change begin. Enough of those hashtags and banners. Plunge into the real movement, the daily one.